Navy baby coco cabas, help???.

  1. I have a white baby coco cabas, but I want a navy too. I was wondering if anyone has seen or heard of one at NM???? I am dying for it, please let me know if you can help!:hysteric: The NM catalog is sold out, I've checked a few times.
  2. ^^ I love that one, too...tried the catalog as soon as I got it and it was already sold out.:cry: I put my name on the NM waitlist, so if one comes's hoping!
  3. I heard from my SA at Neimans, that they were completely sold out through the catalog and now have a waitlist on the catalog orders and the store lists. And, Saks and the Chanel boutiques did not order it. From what I understand, the Chanel boutiques ordered that other blue shade, don't know the name. I saw those bags at the Las Vegas Chanel if anyone is interested.
  4. I heard there is one navybin the Chanel boutique NY on 57th...thats what they have shown in the computer...but it might be on hold...or it might be sold try's not a guarantee though!!!
  5. You saw the "other shade of blue", which I assume is the teal, baby cabas at the boutique in las vegas???
  6. I bit the bullet and got a navy coco cabas for personalshoppers on ebay for $400 over retail. Yikes!!! But it just arrived today and i love it!! She seems to have one navy left. Now I would love to get the white you have kitten. That is an amazing bag and you look fantastic with it too!!
  7. So happy for you. How do you like the color? Is it versatile?
  8. I love the navy color. Sort of like a dark blue jean, almost black but warmer A very versitile color, year round. :yes:
  9. They don't have the navy. The SA at the 57th street boutique said that Chanel boutiques didn't get the navy. :sad: Thanks for the info anyway.
  10. The teal sounds gorgeous. Does anyone have a pic?
  11. I was there today...and asked if they had the navy baby cabas for you...he noticed in the computer it says there was one...but when he went in the back to check...and he said there was none...he said it might have been a damaged one...idk...sorry...I'll still keep a look out for you!!!
  12. Thanks! That would be great, you can also pm any info.
  13. The Navy one was my first choice, I found a Khaki one instead and I'll settle for that! It will be here Monday. Very excited! Theres 2 blue ones on ebay.

  14. I just bought a bag from her also and she was wonderful to work with!
    and she came down a little on the price for me!
  15. Hi, everyone, this is my first time posting, so I hope I'm doing it right. My navy baby cabas arrived today--I ordered it from Neiman Marcus catalog online. It's beautiful--really soft and squishy and roomy. I'm in my 40s--do you think the style is too young for me? Also do you think it can be worn with black? I think it would be great for travel--would hold a lot.