Navy baby cabas?

  1. Does this even exist? I read that someone may have been confusing it with the Teal, so was wondering. If anyone has details, or possibly a photo, could you please post? Thanks!
  2. There is a navy..JAGS NM SA has one in stock too(Lisa)...she called me last night..But I only want the black one..
  3. Yes, I heard there was a Navy too.:yes:
  4. Someone here posted they saw a navy one the other day. I forget who.
  5. i think it was winotty who posted she saw a navy in NM. :yes:
  6. There was dark blue (which was teal) and dark navy. I haven't seen the navy yet!
  7. that's what I thought because my SA said they're getting black, white, silver, gold, bronze, and blue. So I automatically thought navy blue not teal so I was confused at first since everyone kept calling teal - blue.
  8. Is the cabas listed on eBay by "eboutique" navy or teal? I think its teal - she is calling it "blue jean"
  9. That is teal. There is a navy color also.
  10. Yes, the navy is more of a royal blue and the dark blue is more of a teal. someone really needs to help Chanel with more descriptive and true color names!!
  11. ^ sounds nice if it's a true navy.

    For those who have seen both navy and bronze, which one do you prefer more?
  12. I have not seen the bronze in person, but I have seen it in print. It looks amazing! I've seen the black, white, and navy..but i still have not seen the teal or bronze...thus far, they all are beautiful and look fabulous on the shoulder!!! i totally recommend it...its a better design than the Fall 06

    it has more structure and the quality is better...

    I think i prefer the navy..its more classic

  13. haha I agree with has about 80 different color codes, and only 5 ways to describe them..its there are 6 different shades of beige, but they are all called beige..they are funny like that..if you see a color you like on a handbag, just remember it by the actual 5 digit color code (ie 93504) on the price tag...its the easiest way to find..

    hope this info helps you guys..
  14. i don't think the navy is a royal blue...its too grayish to be royal blue..if you look at it from far, far away, it almost looks black
  15. ^ mmmm I think I like that it is like a grayish blue.

    I have seen teal and bronze in person. The bronze, to me, is kinda like a sparkling brown color, not too shiny and unlike te bronze in the lux line. So from far it just looks like a brown bag and it should come with colors that normally go with brown.

    I already have a dark blue caviar flap and a grey reissue...and I have always wanted a bronze bag, so maybe I should stick to bronze!
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