navy baby cabas yayyyyy

  1. i love the colour, indoor it looks greyish, but outdoor the blue is more obvious!
    i wear lot of blacks, so i like that the bag create a small contrast.


    here's compared to my black vintage caviar flap that i got the day before this baby arrived :p
  2. The navy is very pretty! Congrats on both of your new bags!
  3. The navy is gorgeous! Congrats!
  4. thank u :love:
  5. wow, sea! you are on a roll lately! :nuts: i have always loved the navy....i little twist on the black.....great!:love:
  6. Wahooo! :yahoo: Congrats! So happy you were able to get one!!!

  7. LOL, i know :roflmfao:
    i was liek a crazy girl who's been locked up in teh attic for years ha ha ha...

    lainey, i actually gave up my black baby cabas for this, because hopefully in 2 weeks i would receive another black in original cabas caviar :dothewave:
  8. Both your bags are so gorgeous! Congrats!

  9. NIIIIIICE! congrats on your new scores! :biggrin: you ARE like a girl who's been locked up! hahaha. the navy baby cabas is so pretty! and finally the original cabas, huh? did you get a good deal? i'm still wanting one, but still can't bring myself to pay so much over retail... i should just bite the bullet and go for one of the ones on eBay... hehe.
    show us modeling pics of the orig. cabas when you receive it!
  10. girl, that's pretty!!!
    and OMG r u collecting all the color of cabas???LOL jk!
    love them all!!!

  11. LOL
    yeah, i'm finally getting the orginal, it's a littel over retail, but i think the bag would worth every cent :wtf:
    will def. post pic when it's here

    i wish LOL.... no, i only have the navy and black. i'm not really interested in the bronze or white, but the dark grey aka taupe or brown still stuck in my head :p
  12. love them both! i bet the smile is hard to wipe off your face right now.

  13. u bet! :smile:
    after i got that vintage yesterday, i don't sleep at all last night because i have to wake up really early and i know i won't be able to wake up so i prefer to stay awake, and then i got that navy from DHL and left home an hour after that, and just going home now. i didn't sleep for like 36 hours, and still smiling :roflmfao:
  14. wow, you are a cabas collector. Congrats!
  15. You must feel like you're in Chanel heaven right now!!
    Congrats again and I hope you do get any sleep tonight......sweet Chanel dreams! :heart: