Navy Baby Cabas up for grabs!

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  1. Hi all,
    I have the navy baby cabas in my hot little hands but am going to return it to NM. Love the bag, love the color but have the khaki on the way and decided to go with that instead of Navy. PM me if you would like me to see if the SA will call you when I return. They may have a waitlist and not allow me to do that but we could give it a try!!
  2. OH man, mm...the navy looks good too! omg.
  3. You are a cabas-giving saint!
  4. :angel: or :devil: ....:blush:
  5. sounds gorgeous!
  6. Oh, I bet that color is gorgeous! What torture....I would love that, but I'm so broke. but I have to ask...Which NM is this going back to and who is the contact person?
  7. I'll be bringing her back to NM in Short Hills, NJ. I am not sure who the contact person will be. I am hoping that I will be able to give the SA a name of a PFer to hold it for! :heart:
  8. Thanks for the info. I was just in there today at the short hills that fate telling me I should try and get this bag??? I didn't see any cabas in NM and they didn't have any at the Chanel boutique. I'm actually getting the Khaki and think I will hold off on the navy. I'm sure it's gorgeous. I usually speak to Ivana (sp?), the manager at NM. She's really good to work with. Hopefully a PFer will snatch this up! Thanks for posting this info.:smile:
  9. omg...there must be a Cabas Sadist employed at one of the many Chanel boutiques in various NM's around the country I called tonight...was told there is a baby cabas coming out in TEAL BLUE
    now i'm really confused, was all set for the (a) black vinyl or (b) white or anything easy to get...and now there's this gorgeous shade:cursing:
  10. lol, stacy! how many cabases (cabi??) do you have???
  11. ^^Jennifer, I got on all the lists I could (not on the top of the list either) and then all the calls started rolling in:wtf: !! Omgosh, what to do?? Once I buy a bag, I have such a hard time returning it...but in this case, I had no choice or I would have gone to the cabi poor house! :smile:
  12. ^^Navy is back safely at the NM Short Hills Mall! :smile:
  13. Its humerous and sweet how purse-lovers (or shoe-lovers, designer jeans-lovers, or any other "thing" obsessed woman) can become instant friends with a stranger who is wearing what they do not have and covet. For instance, today I followed a woman who had the black baby coco cabas over one shoulder and an LV dog carrier with a tea cup yorkie in it, on the other shoulder. Followed her into the ladies room at NM, Bal Harbous. Now, she must have been one of us, 'cuz she did not accuse me of stalking her (which hey, in a way, i was kinda doing...:smile:) and broke into a friendly knowing smile when I commented on the gorgeousness of her Cabas. She had called all over the country and was on lists even up on the planet Saturn and the Serengeti desert, i think..she received FOUR of them...I almost started crying and asked if she would sell me one, but she had returned all but the one she was carrying, BUT, she told me about the NM in Houston and an SA named Rossi.....i called, Rossi was not in today....but who knows...maybe some of you can call for yourselves, 'cuz I am checking myself into Happy Farms Purse Rehab, where the only bag i will need is one to carry my knitting LOL
  14. That's a cute story Purse! Just last week at Dunkin Donuts I was cursing this woman who walked in front of my car in the parking lot (very slooowly), then took forever in line in front of me ordering her coffee, etc. After she paid it was taking her forever once again to move out of line, put her wallet back in her bag, etc. I was considering knocking her out of my way when I actually got a good look at her bag. It was a gorgeous whiskey Chloe Edith, not a bag one sees on a regular basis, if EVER, in my town. As an Edith owner myself I had to compliment her bag which led to a conversation in the parking lot about designer handbags.

    Anyway, let us know how you make out with Rossi and maybe we'll meet in the Happy Farms Purse Rehab someday!
  15. LOL Roey, now, that's a great story!! Did you ask her if she knows about Purseforum? ;)

    Its funny how we purse lovers can bond, even if at the beginning we may think they are the slimey tail of a rat :yucky:

    yes, I shall tell you when they commit me to Happy Farms, maybe we can be roommates.....hey, in art class there, we can draw pics of Chanels, Hermes, and Chloe.....and in the shrink's office there, instead of identifying Rorchak ink blot pictures, we can refuse to ID the pics unless they're of purses