navy 226 reissue available

  1. i got called fr SA that my navy reissue just in, size 226. but i pass, because i got one from another boutique last week. if anybody interested, pls pm me for SA info. ...
  2. another one hold 24 hours under my name from very nice SA...this time is 227 navy. pm me if you interested. i will pass this to pf members....
  3. hi can you let me know how much
  4. Thank for posting this, so sweet of you especially considering how difficult these bags can be to find if you didn't get on a list! :heart:
  5. You do find them in the most unxepected places. I was travelling through Heathrow Terminal 4 two weeks ago when I decided to have my ususal snoop in nthe Chanel Boutique. There it was on the shelf in full splendour! It cost GBP 1,181 - totally worth every penny!!! Made my holiday. :p I think its the best colour for the metallic.
  6. Thanks for posting! I would love to know how much they cost. I am new to the Chanel world.
  7. The 227 size is $2850.00

    Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. ^ I think so too T!

    here's the prices for 225 and 226

    225 - $2525
    226 - $2695