navy 05 v. cornflower 06

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  1. does anyone have pix of these 2 colors to compare? are the leathers both the same new type? thanks for your help!
  2. From what I've seen, they look VERY similar. As for the leather, I would guess that the quality is better on the navy since some of the '06 leathers have been somewhat disappointing.

  3. :yes: Agreed!:biggrin:
  4. hehehe, but i still love my cornflower twiggy :smile:
  5. thanks for the responses. i have seen cornflower 06 IRL, but not navy 05, i dont know if that leather would be thicker...has anyone seen both IRL? thank you for the help!! i have alot of old smooshy leather, so i am sooo hesitant about buying 06 cornflower, but do like color.
  6. serenity sue, thank you for directing me to that post. it was verrrry helpful! :rolleyes:
  7. Serenity Sue, thanks so much for finding that! I just noticed this thread and wanted to find my old pics, but couldn't remember where they were.

    and chaussurewhore - if you can locate a Navy and really prefer the older leather, that might be a good choice for you - but there are probably some nice Cornflowers to be found too.
  8. No problem;) You're welcome! I think both colours are very pretty. Can't believe they're so similar, huh?? Can't wait to see the new Blue India colour. That one has potential too, lol!
  9. I've always had trouble believing they were so similar. And I'm in complete agreement with you about the Blue India - the slightly grey undertone of that one seems like it will be sooooooo pretty!