1. I went out shopping today and I saw a women with the damier navona and it really caught my eye. It was adorable! Does anyone own this bag? If so what can you fit in it? do you recommend it? thanks
  2. I dont think alot of people know what style t he bag is..if you have a pic im sure youll get lots more replay..:smile:
  3. Oh its super cute!! its like the mono pochette but in damier.....are you considering buying it?!?!
  4. Yes I am thinking about it. I really like this style in damier. Is the strap removable like the monogram pochette?
  5. I dont have one but from the picture it does look like it has removable straps~
  6. Thanks! I will have to call tomorrow and get the scoop
  7. It's really cute, and the size of a pochette. What's different about it is the strip around the sides - it's not the damier canvas. Definitely a great purse though.
  8. I love the Navona it is so cute.
  9. VERY CUTE!!!:love:
  10. i love my navona -- use it inside my chelsea tote to hold all my little doodads that would get lost in there w/o it. works great! plus i can also carry it on its own as a small bag.
  11. i have the navona. it fits the same as the accessories pouch but maybe a little more. its slightly wider than thhe accessories pouch. and its not damier canvas all around but has the strip of leather
    and yes the straps are removable

    i recommend it if you ned a small bag to use when you're going out. doesn't hold very very much but holds the essentials - wallet (not too big), keys mobile and lippie
  12. I think I would use this bag for a night out or to run to the store. I really want to go to LV to see it in person but if I order it on elux I will save some money due to the price increase. What to do?