Naviglio Supporters?????

  1. Hi Everyone!!! Hope your new year has been great so far! Mine sure has and will be better hopefully Saturday as I go to buy my third LV piece. I am definetely looking at the Damier Naviglio and was looing for any feedback or comments regarding the bag before my possible future purchase. I will be going to try it on and see it in person but from the pictures I Really LVoe it and hopefully it will come home, unless I see somehting else I fall in LVoe with! Thanks :tup:
  2. I own the Naviglio and my only complaint is that it is a little hard to get into. You have to undo the snaps and the zipper to get inside. But, I just see it as extra security so that thieves cannot easily get into the bag. It's a good size to carry essentials, but it doesn't fit A4 size papers.
  3. I really like the Naviglio- I'm thinking of getting one myself sometime this year. I had originally planned on getting an SO Damier reporter (which seems to be pretty common on the shelves in Hawaii), but once I compared it to the Naviglio there was no contest. Though the reporter would be more unique the interior was barren and rough, whereas the Naviglio had a lovely brown fabric lining- it just seemed like a more finished bag. What's really nice about the Naviglio though is the way you can fold the top flaps into the side pockets, which I LOVE since I absolutely hate flap messengers.
  4. i have the Naviglio and i really like its compact size and the secure closure. it was a bit fiddly at first, but i quickly got used to it. my only wish is that it could fit A4 documents much more easily. other than that, i'd say its a very good bag.
  5. I have the Naviglio in azur and it's great. I find that I don't use the outter pockets too much though as I don't like having the bag look too full (I have seen people stuff tonnes into the outter pockets and I cringe at the sight of treating my LV that way!). I also like how you can fold the flaps into the pockets which gives you easier access to the zip, and I sometimes put A4 documents in the side when I have the flaps tucked in. I have posted lots of pics of my bag too if you search Azur Naviglio
  6. maybe u can try the new UTAH- wichita which i am getting....
  7. I like the Naviglio in Azur because it looks really fresh. I normally like bags in Damier but this one looks great in Azur. I never liked the design of the Naviglio. I could really do without the flaps on top but that's just me! Get it if you like it. :okay:
  8. Hmm... at first I thought it was too small for my everyday needs, but after much thought, I am now thinking of getting one soon since I don't carry as much stuff as I used to.
  9. Thanks Everyone for your opinions!!!!:tup:
  10. Quick question: I have been looking at crossbody bags in Damier for DBF. The description on LV's site say "carried on the shoulder" and then later "carried on or across the shoulder". Just so I am clear on this: can the Naviglio be carried crossbody?
  11. I almost bought that bag, but I've seen it on many people and it doesn't seem to hold it shape well (esp. where the flaps are)
  12. That's exactly why I personally wouldn't buy the Naviglio. I mean, it looks ok when it's new, but after seeing people use it a lot, it just doesn't seem to hold its shape. The flaps really get creases and it makes me sad lol.
  13. i bought one and returned it. i love it especially with the outter flaps tucked into the outter pocket just to give it a different look and this also stop me using the snap buttons.

    the reason i returned it because i found it bulky and this is probably cos i already have a large mussette.
  14. by the way i love the azur one, so pretty
  15. I carry mine across the body and on the shoulder depending on what mood I am in.

    Also, as I said in my above post I don't like the way people shove tonnes of stuff into the outta pockets. My naviglio looks the same as when I bought it in the shop because I don't stuff the outside too much. I fits an agenda and mini pochette fine without looking too bulky.

    I agree to that Azur is a great colour, which is one of the reasons I got this bag: I never liked it in Ebene