Naviglio: Opinions

  1. What do you all think of the Naviglio Messenger Bag? Both in Damier and in Azur? Does it look to "classless" because the design is too "plain"? I care about appearances a lot and I'm not sure if the Naviglio will look classy and sophisticated enough, not to mention stylish.

    Should I buy it or no?
  2. azur looks better than damier version, great stylish summer bag!
  3. I agreee! I love the Navilglio...I intend to get it as my first LV! The Azur looks great...but I worry that it will turn dark because of dirt..
  4. It's not my favorite- it's on the small size and very boxy. I prefer the Bastille or an SO'd Reporter.
  5. LoVe the Azur one !!! I am saving for it! It is amazing with its bleu and white bandouliere ... I still have the bsatille and it has never to dowith !
  6. I don't think it looks "classless" at all!
  7. It's stylish enough imo for casual. It holds the essentials.
  8. i've got the Naviglio ebene and i love it. its great for everyday basic stuff and the double closure makes it very secure. my only gripe about is that it can't fit A4 so i don't use it as much as i would like to. but its still a good bag nevertheless :yes:

    btw, plain and simple IS classy too you know ;)
  9. I think it's a really nice bag! I was a bit surprised at how small it is tho.
  10. If you like it...then buy it! I say get it. It is not a piece you see all over the place and it will make you stand out. (Take it easy partner...I almost take offense to LV being described as "classless"!)
  11. I prefer the Ebene - it is definitely classy and functional.
  12. I think the simpleness of the design makes it classy. ^_^ Other than that I second what wrote. To me and everyday workish bag NEEDS to hold A4.
  13. OMG that's funny I was just coming here to post about this bag. The SF girls had our meetup yesterday in the city and one of the bags we were looking at was the Azur Naviglio which I had never checked out in person before. I loved it!
  14. ITA... I would also prefer the Melville Messenger or Reporter.
  15. It's too small and boxy looking, I prefer Bastille or Melville Messenger (smaller, but much better looking) :flowers: