naviglio flaps

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  1. I Reallly want this bag, but I'm wondering, do you really have to take off those flaps every time! like if you need your wallet fast?:wtf:

    I really want the azur one! any comments on expierence?
  2. nope you can fold them inwards and tuck them into the little pockets I think. Hopefully someone can post a pic (on my phone right now haha) but yea I think there's a way around it? The azur is gorgeous!
  3. You can fold tuck them in and leave the top exposed. I have posted a thread with pics if you want to do a search; I have the Naviglio in Azur and it is great, but wearing it with any blue jeans (even ones that have been worn and washed for years) still gets blue staining when it rubs against your leg. So now I don't wear it with blue jeans which is like a staple in my wardrobe.
  4. you'll get used to the flaps in no time ;)
  5. Its a great bag and yea, the flaps are nothing, no big deal at all!