Naviglio and Binders?

  1. Quick question - I'm thinking about getting a Naviglio to use as a small messenger / audition bag. I need something that can hold a binder of standard (8.5x11) paper. I know that the website says that the Naviglio is 11 inches wide, which I would suspect means that most binders (the smallest I've found are 11.5 inches) might be a pretty tight squeeze. Does anybody either

    A) know of a binder that is exactly 11 inches or
    B) have a Naviglio and are able to carry a binder in it?

  2. You can't carry a standard American looseleaf binder in the Naviglio.

    I only use the Naviglio when I don't have papers to carry.
  3. my only gripe about my Naviglio is that i can't fit A4 anything! other than that, it's a good compact but spacious and secure bag :yes:
  4. Ya, a binder is a no-no. The naviglio looks more like 10 inches in real life to me.... I was playing with it and the flaps are also very troublesome. So if you're thinking of doubling it as a school bag and all of a sudden need to grab your wallet to buy a cup of coffee or something, those flaps will be really annoying to get in/out
  5. Yep- the only Damier messenger that'll fit binders is the Bastille (both of the Melvilles are also too small). In my experience, a bag should usually be at least 12" x 12" to comfortably fit binders.
  6. i bought one then returned it because i found it too boxy.

    now i'm glad i returned the damier one cos the azur loooookkkkkkkk sooooooo niceeeeeeeee.

    if ur to get one get the azur. love it
  7. I really want the neviglio in azur.