1. Maybe it's me but...when I go on Coach's website and view Handbags>All handbags I would expect to see all handbags. But as another PFer stated she found the new watercolor by doing a search. Why don't they appear when you look under all handbags. The same is true for the Ergo. I feel like I might miss out on something becuase I'm not navigating the site properly.:confused1:
  2. Those items are not featured yet, i'm sure the web person just added them and when it's time for their release- they will feature them. But for now, they're hidden.
  3. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I think that the reason some of the bags don't come up when you view all handbags is some haven't actually been released yet. For example, the watercolor and ergo bags aren't officially being released until next month.
  4. Thanks Sprinkles. I thought maybe it was jsut me.
  5. If you click on 'new at coach' at the top, the dropdown list has "spring things" on it, click on that, scroll all the way down, and open up the catalog which will show the new bags including the ERGO styles. :smile:
  6. Yeah, i know. i thought i had gone crazy one sunday when i couldn't find the watercolor stripe bag on the home page. Thinking those web masters shouldn't be advertising items not available yet...what do you think?
  7. well, a lot of things are available to order that haven't been "released" yet. for example, i ordered my large ergo tote, but the release date isn't until april. it's a matter of knowing what's available (tpf certainly helps with all the chatting we do about new stuff!) to order.