Nautical-inspired handbags

  1. If you see any good ones will you let me know?

    I like this bag from Cole Haan but I hate the color and it's the only option!

  2. I saw some at Club Monaco (they were fabric) I think there was white, navy, and something else.
    Good Luck.
  3. I just got the Marc by Marc Jacobs chalk stripe satchel. It's sooo cute, and very nautical.
    Marc by MJ SS 06 stripes bag.jpg
  4. I'm also totally in love with this Fendi vanity bag for S/S 06. Completely sold out though. :sad:
    Fendi vanity nautical.jpg
  5. I think the brown cole haan is kind of cute!
  6. what a cute bag :smile:

  7. not sure how nautical these bags are but i tried :worried:

    marc by marc for $248

    and anna corinna for $312
  8. LOVE LOVE this! does anyone know the price?
  9. $258 from eluxury,
    $261 from Zappos
  10. [​IMG]

    This is another option by Kenneth Cole for only $258. I think it's adorable!!
  11. here's a prada from the spring collection with a rope handle, comes in black too. nm for $1420
  12. :love: