Nausea and PMS

  1. Does anyone have any remedies or recommendations for this - my PMS gets so bad sometimes that I get extremely nauseous and need to throw up. It just happened now. I'm chewing on some spearmint gum, but worry about my Metro ride home today.

  2. SuLi, I am sorry to hear that. Hugs~ How about drinking something warm? I stay away from anything that's cold and/or acidic.

    I used to be nauseous every month; I had to stay in bed quite often (had severe cramps) as well. My doctor put me on Birth Control Pills, I no longer have these symptoms.
  3. I used to throw up before my period b/c I have endometriosis. Actually, one of my ovaries had to be removed during emergency surgery b/c it was so serious. You should make sure you talk to a docvtor about what is causing your nausea. Better to be safe than sorry!
  4. A plug in heating pad, or a portable ThermaCare one?
    For the Metro, maybe try shutting your eyes, and deep breaths if you feel unwell? That helps me in transit...:yes:
  5. Ginger ale or ginger tea is excellent for nausea. There's something in the ginger that reacts on both the stomach and the balance mechanism in your ears that can level you out. Give it a try, but DON'T do diet soda. Get the real deal. Too much garbage in diet soda. You can also buy ginger capsules in the herbal section of any drug store and they work pretty well too.
  6. The doctor said when I was pregnant that I was probably not drinking enough water. The dehydration does that. Now that I no longer am pregnant, I often feel that way. I usually just lie down but that would look pretty silly on the Metro. I think ginger ale and saltines are the best for nausea.
  7. Are you on the pill? I don't get many PMS symptoms since I've been on the pill...

    Although.. I've never heard of getting nauseous when someone has their period... it's odd, but from reading the posts in here, I guess it's more normal than I thought!
  8. Thanks for all the advice...

    I'm going to the gyno in a few weeks, and I will make sure to bring it up.

    I feel a lot better today since flo actually visited. It's always the worse for me when it's leading up to it, but every symptom goes away as soon as it starts.
  9. I also had unbearable cramps but after I started taking birth control pills all of that was history! I would definitely recommend taking them to alleviate these symptoms. Your flow will also be a lot lighter and take up less days!
  10. ^^ Yes.. definitely an awesome point.. having a 2-3 day period is great compared to the 7 day-ers i used to have pre-pill
  11. I feel nauseous too when I have my period not when I´m pms:ing though.
  12. I always feel nauseous the first day of my period, and I also get super severe cramps :sad: I always dread the first day of my period.. which of course happened to be today too :crybaby: