Nau's collection

  1. Hi! I'm a newbie here, or actually I've been reading this forum forever.... but now I'm finally ready to show off my collection:smile:

    I tried to search for the introductory thread, but couldn't find it, is it missing? Well anyway, I'm 28 yrs old, still studying but almost done :yes:

    I mostly love big bags, and especially LV:heart::heart: But at the moment the coffer is my favourite :love:But I also love those little extremely pretty purses that you can't fit almost anything:p well anyway, here's my collection. And glad to meet you all!
  2. Great burberry and LVs
  3. Great variety of bags! I love your Cerises bucket bag the most!
  4. Great collection ... love the spy and the coffer!
  5. Love the cerise bucket and cruise denim!
  6. the cherry blossom is :drool: worthy!!! love the burberry too :tup:
  7. I really love your LAMB bags!
  8. ooohhhhhhhh spy. nice
  9. I love all of your LVs and the Burberry!
  10. [​IMG]Thank you all for your compliments!
    These are my latest additions, Spy and Wilbury cuddling :love:
    I try to get a family pic soon!
  11. beautiful collection! I love both of your Spys
  12. I love everything in your collection. What a nice variety.
  13. Great addition, congrats!
  14. Ooh what a lovely and diverse collection!
  15. Nice collection!