naughty pheebs is now welded to the sofa

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  1. whoops, may have just bought.......

    Large mabel in metallic black goatskin....:yahoo::yahoo:at superb price from York outlet
  2. Thank goodness you didn't go for the Maggie & thingumy whatsit - you wanted a Mabel, so congrats!
  3. Brilliant, pheebs :yahoo: Hope you got it for at least half price ;) or less :nuts:

    Looking forward to pics :tup:
  4. It was less than half price! I saw someone carrying the medium version and it's totally gorgeous... I'm on the larger side and I carry a lot so the large bag will be perfect. Mabel will be my everyday work bag, so £'s per wear should become respectable really quickly and she's dark but glam so will be versatile too I hope

    Whooohoooo I'm really pleased. My grail is still aqua, so please do let me know if you see one :love:
  5. Less than half price?!!! Yay :yahoo: what a score! Congrats pheebs, can't wait to see pics.
  6. They are sending Mabel out today so fingers crossed Monday!
  7. Wow Pheebs, that was fast work! Well done on getting it for such a good price too. The metallic sounds gorgeous, can't wait to see pics!!
  8. Do some work and come back with sandwich and found totally different bags purchased!
    Love the drama of this forum every day... (I can't remember how I could work without checking forum before.) Many Congrats anyway!!
  9. cant wait to see pics - congrats - never seen the metalic black before! yippeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  10. Good girl! You know if you went with any of the others you would still have mabel lust, so now its cured!Woohoo, congrats!!

    Time to get on that sofa with me - btw I am doing a dreadful job sitting on that sofa - need to get a more comfortable sofa or something
  11. Not sure the Mabel lust is cured, reckon pheebs would be off that sofa faster than Linford Christie if she spotted an aqua Mabel!
  12. mabel sounds fab! and at a great price contrats! Please post pics, I love metallics xx
  13. Great, you got the Mabel. I'm sure you won't regret it! Looking forward to pics.
  14. Congrats, as you can see from my signature my medium is my fave bag, despite recent purchases!! And they wear really well!!
  15. Ooo sounds lovely - did you ask what else they had at York ?
    Just wondering because York is only an hours drive away .....
    Arghhhh Stop it , I've got the rest of the house to clean - right I'm off now before I get tempted anymore.

    If you do know what else they have I'll be back later when the shops have shut so will be safe to have a look ....idea of prices would be fab :tup: