NAUGHTY or NICE show your Christmas Gifts

  1. Have you been Naughty or Nice? Don't worry, both can have some fun and post pictures of 2007 LV Christmas gifts or Hanukkah gifts. This includes gifts to yourself. Some wise people are getting them early due to the price increase.
  2. When is the price increase?? I'll be getting a couple presents for myself so i can post later:smile:
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  4. Self presents:p: Pegase 60 and Obsesssion Rond Landscape in Black


  5. I wish I had something to post on here! :sad: When is the price increase?
  6. I have no idea, but my guess is before Valentines day. Wasn't Feb this year that the last price increase took place?
  7. i was told that the Xmas present i want won't be available until January :sad: but im sure it'll be worth the wait :yes:
  8. Well, I bought myself the mirage speedy in noir and the inclusion bracelets in black and grey. Can't take pics until Xmas though!!!
  9. oooh! i love it all.

    i'm hoping to get myself a LV xmas present sometime in jan. my bank account needs some time to recover from the holiday damage.
  10. I will post pics after Christmas...I think I am getting something from LV-just not sure what it could be!
  11. Now I feel bad... I always open up my presents early lol, and have no will-power like you! lol:p

    Thanks PrincessMe and shapaholic81!
  12. Count me in. Black suhali lockit and grey inclusion bracelet! Will post photos later....
  13. i can't buy myself any presents until FEB 2008.. (when my ban is over)
    hopefully bf will get me something though.. its still early....
  14. CEC: Love the Pegase!