Naughty Monkey

  1. I did a search and couldn't find any mention of this brand on the forum, so I was wondering if anyone had heard of Naughty Monkey shoes. I bought two pair yesterday, they have some really cute styles and they're pretty cheap! I have a really narrow foot with an insane arch, so it's hard to find shoes (heels especially) that fit, but these really seem to work for me.

    Here's the two I got: (I can post modeling shots this afternoon if anyone wants to see)


  2. They're cute as can be. I've seen the brand on, I think.
  3. The second one is --beautiful--.
  4. Wow, those are both really cute!
    I too have insane arches and super narrow feet.. unfortunately naughty monkey does not come in a size 4.5 :crybaby:
  5. ^^ 4.5!!! Oh my goodness, I don't know how you find shoes!
  6. I've seen them at Nordstrom and on their website recently. Is it a newer brand?
  7. ^^ I think it is actually. They don't have their own website yet, so they're kind of scattered all over the internet :hrmm:
  8. Wow, really cute shoes -I'll have to check them out. I have narrow heels which is annoying (lots of blisters) so these might work.
  9. These shoes are GREAT for people with wide feet.. They are VERY comfy.
    I just bought these ones and theyre a little small b/c they were out of my size (im wearing a 8.5 and Im a 10... lol ) so im guessing going a size down wold be the perfect fit (10 to a 9 ).

    HOT SHOE! lol :supacool:
    Anyway endless has tons of the brand and they ship FREE overnight- it was great.
  10. PS laurie where did you get yours from? I havnt seen those two styles of shoe

    I like :smile:
  11. ^^ That's funny, they work for your wide feet and my narrow feet! I go half a size down.

    I got mine a a store called Flynnigan's Footwear in my city, but there are quite a few styles on The multi-colored sandal one is called "Platinum card" if you want to search for it, and the brown one is "headliner" (which is also available in navy).
  12. i love the name. they have pretty crazy designs. haha i want a naughty monkey too :smile:
  13. I've seen Naughty Monkey's at some of the little shoe boutiques around the city. They're super cute, and usually aren't more than $50-60 dollars...
  14. I LOVE them! I have these ones:


    and am currently obsessed with these:


    I have wide feet with an insane arch (ballerina feet). The only problem with these are: no padding on the ball of the foot and super slippery no-grip bottom (like my louboutins)
  15. ^^those are cute! I use these to pad the ball of my foot: [​IMG]