Naughty boy, Barney!!

  1. BBC NEWS | UK | Dog destroys £40,000 Elvis teddy

    Elvis bear worth £40,000 mauled by guard dog | the Daily Mail

    Sorry, I heard this on the news last night, and it made me chuckle, because this is exactly what would have happened if my two pups had been let loose in a room full of stuffed toys..

    Look at this picture of him, think he looks sorry?


  2. Made me chuckle, though I do feel sorry for the bears and whoever owns him and whoever trained him.
  3. LOLLLLLLLLLL OMG hahahaha.. i'm sure he's had it with the incredibly low pay of a couple of free food meals and treats and no diamond collar or real love in return. hahahahahahha omg that sucks. i would never think of having dogs to guard teddy bears, esp those as priceless as the one that belonged to Elvis! Dogs like to tear things up! that's like asking my rabbit to guard bed sheets once belonging to King Arthur.. haha she'll chew them right up! :roflmfao:
  4. I couldn't help but laugh when reading that. The look on the doggie's face is priceless.:lol:
  5. Just be thankful it wasn't a room full of bags - would we be laughing then?;)
  6. that poor dog, he just knows he is in trouble by the look on his face.

    he he, imagine the security guards face when he realised what had happened!
  7. LOL, whose bright idea was it to let a dog guard soft squishy things? That's like asking a dog to guard a box of steaks or a room of cats!
  8. Oi! I wouldn't leave my stuff laying aroudn if I had a dog. My friends have dogs and I know better than that.
  9. LOL you couldn't hire my dog for that job either. The second I take a new toy out of the petsmart bag she goes crazy. Even when she doesn't know it's for her. She practically attacks me while I'm taking the stickers and tags off it!
  10. Poor Barney !! :rolleyes:
  11. I had to laugh when I read the article yesterday!! :lol: Whose bright idea was it to have a dog guard stuffed animals???? :noggin:
  12. My Fur Baby, Sam does that too! At Christmas, "Santa" always has some presents for Sam under the tree. He's so funny! He's like a kid: sniffs around under the tree to try to find his gifts. He opens them up like a kid too. We'll hold the package, tear a small corner to get it started and he rips off the wrapping with his teeth!! :roflmfao:

    When the DH comes back from Petsmart, it's the same scene. Much like any other kid, he falls in love with the new toy and forgets the others. That dog has more toys than your average day care center!!! :lol:
  13. I saw that I thought it was funny.

    But I could sorta understand I do recall going nutty over beanie babies a few years back.
  14. ELVIS's BEAR?!?!?!? :wtf: GONE?!?!?!?:crybaby: *faint*:lecture:BAD DOOOGGG!!!!