Naughtipidgin discount for TPF members....

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  1. Naughtipidgen is offering a 10% discount to all TPF members....

    The discont code is...... Ten%4TPF

  2. Thanks Moo (and Naughtipidgen!) - great news - do you know is this has a time limit? :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  3. Thanks all due to NP.... :ty:

    Until the end of October.......:smile:
  4. Ooh that website has bags to die for! Love the Picadilly on there, and the LV bags!
  5. Lots of fab bags on that website now, I love that Daria in ink and the Mitzy's and that conker os alexa looks fab...:drool::drool::faint:
  6. Thanks for this Moo, only saw this today AFTER I bought a bag from Naughtipidgen a few days back in touch cos of your post & kicking myself for not seeing it sooner. Anyway needn't have worried, N was so cool about giving me a 10% refund. Fantastic customer service!! :biggrin:
  7. House of Fraser have 25% of brands this weekends does anyone know if mulberry is included in that because it doesn't come up at all in there list of brands that they sell . Thanks
  8. Look forward to a reveal then MrsB :graucho:
  9. Just called. Apparently not. SA said only ever discounted at time of mulberry sales. :tdown:
  10. oh thats not good then
  11. No but i found out yesterday that house fraser mulberry in sheff does student discount they thought i knew im wounded all that money ive spent and i didnt know haha
  12. Oh to be a student again, I might go back part time ;)
  13. go for it hehe, although i dont like being a student at the min trying to revise for an exam on the 16th nothings going in and im stressing about my op on the 24th lucky me
  14. Oh no .. Lol wonder if they do military discount would asking I suppose
  15. Good luck with both hon :smile: