Naturel-Sable leather Birkin bag

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  1. Hello, It is my first post, but I ve been lurking here for a while and admired the most beautiful bags:heart: you ladies have.:flowers:

    I am waiting for my Birkin to come, and my first choice of leather was Barenia . Then Vermillion/Black in Box/Coromandel Chevre .

    Today I've got a call and my S.A offered me Naturel Sable 30 with gold hw instead of Barenia.:nuts:
    I've never seen that leather even in leather book, S.A says it is similar to Barenia, but lighter color and a bit smoother.

    What do you ladies think of this leather?
    Does anyone have bag made of Naturel Sable?

    I am worrying about darkening of color on handles, just like handles on LV bags do.:hrmm:

    Is bag in that leather going to be same unique like Barenia?

    I haven't seen bag yet, going to see it tomorrow .

    Ohhh, I am so so confused.:Push:

    Please let me know what do you think about that leather Naturel Sable

    :flowers: :flowers:
  2. Wow - Barenia is very special! I've heard it requires a bit more maintenance and is a little more fussy to own but develops the most beautiful patina. Barenia is also quite heavy. Yes, it will act a little bit like LV's leather and darken.
    I haven't seen it in the Naturel Sable. I think you'll know if it's for you when you see it for the first time. :smile:
    Let us know!!
  3. Oh, that's a gorgeous color....personally, I love leather that develops a patina over time. It's a beautiful color, Roxanna....go see it and if your heart skips a beat then she's yours!!!
  4. Gorgeous color, but like everyone says, you will know if you fall in love hte minute you see her!
  5. I have a Vache Naturale Birkin and it's stunning. It's like LV vachetta, except not nearly as delicate. It patinas with age but, unlike LV vachetta, any blemishes will actually go away after time. Mine is from the late 90s and it has a beautiful caramel color. Good luck! :biggrin:
  6. Roxanna - what happened? Did you get it?