Naturel colour - looking for descriptions.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I ordered a Naturel Twiggy from BalNy and was expecting a creamy beigey colour, but it has a distinctive greenish cast almost. :confused1: And being Balenciaga, it's only under certain light.

    Does anyone else's Naturel have this? I will try and capture what I am talking about, but doubt that I will be able to. Again, being Balenciaga, very hard to photograph the colours.

    I saw what I thought was Naturel in stores at the beginning of the season and it was very, very light, almost white. Powder posted pics of two quite different shades of Naturel in a GH Hobo, and RH City, so maybe it's just this batch of leather.

    Daphne's photos were perfect, but holding the bag up to the screen, very, very different in colour.

    I wish you well,

  2. Mine definitely has an unexpected green tone in it. I think some batches really differ, though I wonder if the bag you saw in the store was really just a winter white.
  3. Bridget, I remember when you posted that and I remember telling you that it's easy to mistake white for Natural, but not the other way around and I was sure the bag you saw was white. Natural does have the slightest super soft khaki tone to it in certain light but I rarely notice it. Are you not liking it? :crybaby:
  4. Sorry to hear that, Bridget. A green undertone doesn't sound very attractive to me. Is it mostly under fluorescent light that you notice that?
  5. I have a GH Natural Brief but I dont notice any green in mine. To me its' similar to greige but creamier....much less grey.

    Sorry to hear yours has the greenish tone....maybe mine does to but I really just dont see it.
  6. Sometimes I think I just have a hard time with colour. My husband *swears* that I don't see colours like other people (him!).

    The bag definitely has a celedon green cast to it that I did NOT expect and I am trying to decide if I like it as is, or if I want what I saw in my head and wait for Ivory in the Fall. If that turns out to be not too yellow /pink for me. You girls know how it goes with photos of a piece of leather that is 1.5" square until we see many photos of the new bags, or see them IRL.

    I think that you guys are right and I saw a winter white, not Naturel before. I am considering sending it back and switching it for a winter white, but I am deathly afraid of a white bag and how quickly I will ruin it, at least the Naturel will hide dirt to some degree because of the beigyness.

    circoit, have you seen many Naturals and seen some that don't have the green cast? Maybe I should send it back and have them send me another for comparison. If I like this one more, I will exchange it again, or choose a different colour.

    Glimmer, I am not sure about the colour. When I look at the bag by itself, I really don't care for it, but I can't believe how gorgeously it goes with Olivey green, both light and dark and I seem to wear that alot. But I was also hoping for a beige that I could wear with a lot of my blues, and this is not that bag. Against olivey green it looks a beautiful beige, the green in the shirt takes the green out of the bag, against blue it looks like a sick beige, the blue highlights the green in the bag.

    Fiatflux, I noticed it first under fluorescent light, but it's also greencast under sunlight, but less so.

    SpecialK, maybe there are different batches. Daphne said that this one came from the first batch, the other Naturel Twiggy she had was too smooth for distressed loving me. I may have to give it a go.

    I wonder how many exchanges you can do.

    I took photos but left my camera cable at work :noggin:

    I came home and went through my closet to see what it goes with and I could wear it with a lot of things, Like I said, olivey greens, forest green, brown, black, but not blues, greys, whites or really any of my brighter colours, turquoise, teal and the like.

    At the moment I don't know if it should stay or go.

    Thanks for the responses ladies!!

    I wish you well,

  7. Bridget, I haven't been fortunate enough to encounter a natural bag IRL yet, but if you feel any dissatisfaction with your bag, I think you should return it. I've heard that you can do an exchange up to 2 times at Bal NY.
    Good luck w/your decision. :smile:
  8. Hmmm, my GH Natural Brief from LVR has no greenish cast that I can detect. Sounds like you're dealing with a case of lot-to-lot dye variation. It is definitely a light bag, but an unmistakeable pale tan/nude/beige color...I'd never compare it to a creamy white (although with flash, it DOES photograph very very pale that it could be mistaken for white in pictures).
  9. My City is a gorgeous creamy ivory and very light. My Giant Hobo has that hint of green and a tinge of gray. I know exactly what you're talking about. Colors vary wildly in each shipment and certainly in different shipments. When I got the Hobo I thought at first glance it was a Greige, but since Greige never had gh it had to be natural. They are very different bags. My natural was in the very first batch to hit Balenciaga, the gh Hobo very recent.

  10. ^^^great comparison pics, powderpuff! Thanks for posting!

    Bridget I'm sorry the bag wasn't what you're expecting. Looking forward to seeing your pics, especially next to Daphne's if you can...
  11. I agree with the above colour comparison.

    I have the natural twiggy. I bought it last Saturday at Balny. I'm looking at mine now and its like a bone colour.

    While at Balny, I had the assistant show me a few natural twiggys to pick from and the shades definitely vary. I held up the one I bought next to the one that was on display and mine is a richer 'darker' bone colour. The display one is like the palest off white beige - at least 1 shade lighter than mine!

    So yes, they do vary. Its always good when at the store to request seeing all that they have in the colour you are buying so you get to pick your favourite.

    Certainly exchange it since that greenish hue in yours will only bug you more and more... good luck!
  12. Oh wow, sounds like you got a really green one! :sad: My bag is 100% neutral and goes with any color. Have you been in touch with Daphne? I'm sure if you ask her to pic a non-green one, she'd be happy to exchange if she has it! Maybe Karen could go back and investigate for you. lol

    Great pics, PP!!! I saw your pics earlier and was wondering if the City and Hobo were both natural. The difference is really surprising!
  13. cate22 ... I am still contemplating the bag. I didn't wear it today because I don't want to use it until I know I am keeping it. I have it out and keep looking at it. Thanks for the information about the exchanges!

    Kristy, thanks for your input, I think you are right, this could be a dye lot to dye lot variation.

    powder, Daphne said that this Naturel came from the first batch to hit the store, but your Naturel is the colour I am looking for, a creamy ivory, not the darker greigy one.

    redney, I will have to post pictures on Monday. Daphne is away at the moment for about two weeks.

    karenab, I had to order this sight unseen from BalNY, so didn't have too much of a choice. I did not like the first one Daphne showed me, but the second I loved on my screen, but the picture showed a creamy twiggy, no tone of green in the photos.

    Glimmer, did you post pics of yours? I'd love to see it.

    I keep looking at it, and it's very pretty. It may be growing on me!

    Thanks again for the responses!

    I wish you well,

  14. Well, here are pictures, but as i thought, the green cast just won't show. She just looks like a creamy beigeI have come to like her, but I'm still not 100% sure.

    I wish you well,




    Oh and the brass hardware against the pale beigyness is just lovely!


    I think it shows a little green in this pic with the green t-shirt.
    Naturel Twiggy 02.jpg Naturel Twiggy 01.jpg Naturel Twiggt 03.jpg
  15. mmm its so hard to capture the colour, it looks lovely but if your not 100%.... when i spoke to daphne she said to ask for liz in her absense so maybe she can help you out!