Natural Work with GH

  1. is there anywhere to still find this???
  2. this for you or someone else? (Can't help but notice your "I'm sooo done" sig). ;)
  3. uhhh....MBL, what is going on? lol
  4. In answer to your question ... I don't think there are any left anywhere obvious...but there may still be one hiding at a retailer somewhere...ya never know!!
  5. BalNy doesn't have it any more and not getting it in the future either. I got mine from Barney's which they are also sold out. NM or Saks never bought this color.:sad:
  6. thanks, just wondering...
  7. What about some of the more obscure retailers such as Bob Ellis, Susans, or that place in D.C. (forgot the name).

    Oh...just thought of a couple of other obscure ones: Shirise in Chicago and Gretta Luxe.

    Well, if you find one and decide you don't want it, please let me know because I might be interested (except I really shouldn't I am also considering trying to find a Part Time in Natural/GH.
  8. I'll let you know if I find any.
  9. Thanks MBL...btw, I edited my above message to add a couple of other places I thought of... You can do a search on the "stores now carrying B-bags" to find contact info.
  10. yeah, I'm not sure how actively I'm going to pursue though.
  11. MBL - I LOVE the work with the GH. Keep us posted on your quest.
  12. I've been searching high and low for this bag (in Brief, PT, or Work). No dice thus far! My long-distance bill is gonna be crazy!