Natural Wavy Hair - What Products?

  1. I have a loose natural wavy hair and would like to enhance the curl. I've been using a spray gel, but it looks stiff.

    Anyone have any recommendations?
  2. try scrunching out the spray gel after your hair is dry. it will be less stiff.

    i used to mix either aveda's be curly, abba leave in or joico bouncy curls with biolage gelee...i still always had to scrunch it out once my hair was dry, but it left it super curly (but i was also using this mixture in a whole curly routine...).

    my hair is more on the shirley temple ringlet-y side anyway, but i can also get it to be straight without much work. it's actually way more work for me to get cute clumpy curls than it is to just straighten it. :smile:

    i got really good tips from the book curly girl by lorraine massey and also the website they have a really helpful messageboard.
  3. Both Matrix and KMS have products designed to enhance curl-Matrix has a creme in a green tube-Curl.lock-and KMS has Curl Up. Both leave the hair soft but enhance the curl.
  4. Thanks, will try!
  5. KMS makes fantastic texturizing products. I too have naturally curly hair and do everything I can to straighten it. When I do use products for my curls, I use serums for smoothing and defining and, there is an Aveda product that I liked a while back, but I can't remember it now... My vote is on KMS, they have fantastic products.
  6. Okay, so I have natural wavy hair, and I like it
    except when I lie down, or brush it out it goes
    less wavy..
    and looks bad
  7. KMS makes a Do-Over spray that works if you go lightly.

    My favorite products are :heart:Paul Mitchell's Sculpting Foam:heart: , Garnier Hard Curl Gel (someone here recommended it and i LOVE it... it gives very UNhard curls, more like nice soft bouncy curls), and that KMS do over/or a sea salt spritz to revamp the curl.
  8. I have the same problem. I try to get my hair to be curly, and at first it's really stiff, and then by the end of the day it just looks messy, not cute. I think I'll try some of the products you girls suggested.
  9. You simply must try Frederic Fekkai's Luscious Curls lotion. It makes my wavy hair into springy ringlets. It's like magic.

    I mix it with a dab of his Glossing Cream as well, to ward off frizz. These two products are the reason I love my wavy hair now, after wishing it were straight for most of my life. :heart:
  10. When I let my hair dry naturally I use Aveda phomollient, it is a styling foam and it just gives my hair a really light hold that lasts for a while. I scrunch it through my hair.

    I've tried so many products and find that a lot weight my hair down and I use them twice and then toss them. So far this is my favorite. I don't know how much it enhances to create more waves, but it holds and keeps them together looking nicely, for me at least.
  11. On the rare occasion that I wear my hair curly, I like Dirt by Jonathan Product. I just scrunch it through when my hair is nearly dry. It defines the curls without adding any weight or crunch.