Natural vs. whiskey

  1. does anyone have the new natural? I'm wondering how it will age. I love the whiskey, but not so much when it ages - it gets really dark. How do you guys think the natural will wear? I am going to return my pond shoulder and get a mandy - but which color? TIA
  2. I have the shoulder in Natural but I've only had it for a week so I'm not sure how it wears as far as darkening. However, the scratches are hardly noticable and they buff out easily on my Natural compared to my daughter's Whiskey. The Whiskey color is soooo darn gorgeous though. It's a tough decision. I love them both. If you don't like a weathered or distressed look though, I'd recommend natural.

    Oh, and since you have pond color to compare - the scratches on natural show less than on pond too.
  3. Anyone have experience with both? I think I like the Ali in whiskey a little better than the Legacy slim tote in natural, but I've heard how scratch-prone the whiskey leather is, and that kind of worries me. I want a nice, classic brown leather bag that will be beautiful for years. How does the natural hold up, and what would you all choose?


    - TwoSirius
  4. oooh i had the same question in regards to the satchel.
  5. The whiskey is very scratch prone, but it is supposed to look that way. That being said, I really like the whiskey color better than the natural, although I dont really like the scratches, even if they do give the bag character. If you like the whiskey better, I would say get that, and use the coach moisturizer on it for the scratches. I bought the Ali in Brown (from Macy's) and it had alot of scratches on it, and I think it will be like the whiskey, very scratch prone. I went in to Coach and they used the moisturizer on it and now there isnt a scratch on it.
  6. I have an Ali in natural, natural zip, natural shoulder and soon to upgrade them to the mandy in natural for PCE.

    I personally love the natural.
    The whiskey seems like hit or miss from what I've seen.
    Sometimes it's too orang-y and sometimes its fine.
    It does scratch a lot more though, that I don't care for.
  7. I have the Ali Whiskey. I gotta tell ya...I JUST LOVE MY Whiskey! I am pretty anal about the scratches so each and everytime there is a scratch.. I am there rubbing them out ...but I feel so very close to my Ali baby! LOL is the color...that Whiskey color is my new Mahogany color. I vote Whiskey all the way!!!!
  8. its a matter of preference, but the natural was too light for me. I love my whiskey shoulder bag:heart::heart::heart:. i owned it in the natural for a day, but once i got it in whiskey that was it for me.
  9. I think it depends upon the bag. I have the whiskey ali and the natural slim tote, and I love them both! The whiskey does scratch but it rubs out, and I think the bag still looks amazing. The natural holds up really well, and I think it'll last over time very well.

    Here are a couple of pics if it will help. Please note that I do not baby my bags--I have three kids, and that is all the babying I can handle!;)
    Ali1 (Small).JPG slimtote1 (Small).JPG
  10. I have Natural and Brown (which has the characteristics of Whiskey). The natural does not scratch up like the brown. I use Apple moisturizer on the brown and it's beautiful. If I had a Whiskey I would moisturize that too.
    Get the moisturizer period.:yes: then which ever color you prefer, you won't go wrong!:tup:

    I'd also like to add, that "surface scuffs" are going to happen and really do not affect the integrity of the leather. We carry keys, we're in and out of our bags for things, move through doors and tight spots, people bump into us etc., what you don't want are deep gouges that break the surface of the skin. I would prefer a scratch to a stain any day! Enjoy your lovely bags!
  11. ^^^I thought it wasn't too good to put anything on the leather? So does the apple moisturizer take out the scratches on the brown and make it look more glossy?

    As for the natural, I have it in the shoulder bag and I like it b/c I don't see a lot of scratches but the color is starting to patina to a darker shade.
  12. oooh the natural by far to me is prettiest. and yes, for the scratches, moisturizer will clean it up like new!

    you'll probably run into the same problem with both as far as scratches go, so pick the one you are drawn to most! (and don't forget pics when you get one!)
  13. on my Whiskey Satchel I didn't really get a lot of scratches, a few here and there but hardly and and Im not careful!
  14. I think they are different enough that one could easily like both. I am partial to whiskey but love the natural in the slim tote.