Natural Pleated Ergo Satchel is Here!!!!

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  1. Here is my new natural pleated ergo satchel! I love it, perfect size and shape, light weight and great color!! Here ya go!

  2. beautiful!! does she fit over your shoulder okay?
  3. I want to see a pic! It sounds wonderful! :smile:
  4. :love: ADORABLE!!! :heart:

    I personally keep questioning myself on whether I like this bag or not...I am now thinking "YES!!!"...thanks for sharing!!!

    Can you post a modeling picture? Pretty please!?!?

    Question~ where do the outer magnetic snaps, snap together? Above or below the kisslock?
  5. *swoon* :heart:


    So this one doesn't have the pebble leather like the black?
  6. :drool:

    I love that color! I think a tote is coming home with me in natural this spring!

    Congrats maja - she's lovely. :flowers:
  7. this is my favorite color out of all of them! Congrats lucky you!
  8. Nice choice in color!

    I am the only one that didn't get their's today! I really think it is lost :crybaby:
  9. i love it. is the leather the same as the black or is yours a smooth kind of leather? i love the color
  10. Very nice!

    Can you feel that kiss lock under your arm when its on your shoulder????
  11. No, it's not pebbled leather. I cannot fit it on my shoulder, they are too big for that! I will be carrying it in the crook of my arm. Sorry, no modeling pics today, I have a bad case of hives, nice I know!
  12. Mine didn't come either..... Its in my town @ the fed ex office but it says not scheduled for delivery. It says it will be delivered by Thursday but I don't understand why it would take 2 days in the same town!!!!!!!
  13. I really like the natural the best compared with the other pleated colors that I've seen.
  14. Very pretty! Congrats!
  15. Ooh beautiful in that color too. This may be my next purchase!