Natural owners -- help! What is the "color number?"

  1. Hi there! I just won a (supposedly, hopefully) Natural bag on eBay and want to confirm whether it is indeed Naturel...or just a creamy white. :confused1: The seller says the color is "961." Do you know yours? Help, please!

  2. I just talked to someone at BalNY who told me that the color number is a 4-digit number, not 3. She said it was findable on the Controllato card, but I looked and there are no 4-digit numbers on Controllato cards...I'm totally confused! Is there a way to find out the color of a bag by looking at the tags that came with it??
  3. I know no one has responded but just in case anyone was following this, I found out that the Natural GH City should say "960" on the tag and not "961," which is probably the number for blanc.
  4. Kristy, maybe someone with a blanc will chime in. I know someone just bought one! lol
  5. Kristy - Sorry, but if your eBay bag is the one I think it is I believe the bag is white. The seller did say 'natural' in the listing title but the bag looks white on my monitor. Maybe the seller will refund if you want because of the discrepancy in the listing title. So sorry, please let us know what happens.
  6. did you buy the City with GH that was $1595? It was listed as Natural but it was indeed White ....
  7. Hi Ladies -- yes, that was me. Sigh. Yeah, now I know for sure it was white and not natural. I emailed the seller asking her if we could cancel the contract due to the discrepancy. Hopefully she'll be cool about it.