Natural natural ... pics pretty pls

  1. Just chanced into my friend whom I addicted into Balenciaga. Her natural city is beautiful.. can I see more of this fab linen like colour? How do you think it compares to Creme? oh dear me. I am on Violet (Silver GH and std) , Magenta (silver) and Marigold. But I am lusting after Plomb and Creme and Natural! TPF is soooo bad for me.:wtf:
  2. I LOVE my Natural Shoulder and I wish I would have gotten this color in a larger bag!
  3. My avatar. :p
  4. Naturel twiggy....

  5. thanks girls!
  6. F&G - oh mine, ur twiggy is lovely in natural color....the leather is TDF...hehehehhe
  7. Oh my... Nanaz, that Natural is :drool: :drool: :drool: