Natural nails

  1. My natural nails are long, about 1 1/2 inches from base of nail to tip. What's best option to keep them strong and beautiful? I used to get a glue and powder mix (no acrylic) that could be soaked off with acetone and it didn't injure or weaken my nails at all. It also held red color for a full two weeks. I cannot seem to find anyone that can do it. My old nail tech had a baby and stopped working. Most salons slap acrylic on and I do not want that. What options are there? Is anything as effective or better than the glue and powder mix? Should I just continue my search for a salon that can do my glue and powder?
  2. Now I don't know about now, because I don't get out much and don't have a reason to do my nails, but there used to be little paper fiber things you could buy and place on your nails, then secure them with a basecoat. Anyone know what I'm talking about? They were very thin and held polish nicely.

    As with hair, nails get strength from within too. A healthy diet is utmost in beauty. ;)
  3. Are the fiber things you are talking about Sally Hansen brand? I think my friend did them a while ago, but I haven't really seen them around recently. I dont' nkow how well they work though either.

    I never heard of powder and glue before, but it sounds interesting and if I knew a place around me, i'd definately give it a try. You can always use nailtiques or something, which keeps nails strong, and then just keep painting your nails. Good luck!@
  4. Eat lots of gelatin and dairy products. It will make your nails really hard and healthy! I think cuticle oil helps too.
  5. I think that was the name of them. Next time I am out (I need some clear coat anyway) I'll see if they have it still.

    My nails are also quite long and occording to a friend who has a nail salon, tough as horse's hooves. I don't know what I do to have them like this, other than I probably type more now than ever before, and this is supposed to strengthen nails. But then, my hair is also very long and tough too, so maybe it's the pure thoughts and clean lifestyle I lead. :lol:

    Now that I said all that, I just noticed I broke my right ring finger's nail. RATS!
  6. i started neutrogena's instant nail goes on clear and dries almost instantly (great on the go) but it leaves a gorgeous sheen to your nails, very natural and theyre ohh so strong. I also swear by burt's bees cuticle wax. i rub it all over my cuticles and nails before bed. another nice tip...sephora makes a great nail pencil that you just color the underside of your nails white. it makes them look really neat and clean
  7. How about a silk wrap? My cousin had beautiful natural long nails and used to get silk wraps. She loved them.
  8. i love silk wraps! THey are a bit more expensive than acrylics, but definately not as destructive to the nail itself. They look so natural!
  9. I used Nailtiques for a while after I removed my fake nails. It really did help the condition of my nails. unfortunately, I wasn't able to maintain my will power and bit them all off again and I have the fake ones again :sad:

    Regardless, Nailtiques is really good. I bought mine off Amazon. They have protein formulas and what not and I'm sure you could find something that can work for you.
  10. I've been using OPI's Nail Envy since I removed my acrylics a year ago. It has helped my nails so much. I wear it as a base coat and top coat, and it works great.
  11. What you had sounds like the Tip and Dip "Extreme" system by Backscratchers (other brands also do a similar thing) but used as a natural nail overlay (i.e. without a tip). They put resin on your nail and then either dip your nail into the powder or puff it over the top. Either way, its a form of acrylic.

    You can also have silk or fibreglass wraps or gel or acrylic overlays. All these systems will make nail polish last much longer than on ordinary nails because it makes the nail so much harder. Nail polish chips when the natural nail bends or flexes, any type of overlay will make your nail rigid.

    You could look for anther good nail technician like you had before that will care for your natural nails whilst applying overlays or wraps.

    Alternatively good nail strengtheners like OPI Nail Envy, Zoom Eat & Drink or Nail Magic together with a good cuticle oil used every day will make a big difference. However, as I said, you will never get polish to last as long on natural nails.
  12. I also use O.P.I.'s Nail Envy. I had gel nails for about 2 years and finally took them off about 2 months ago. I still have the ridges in my nails from the gel nails. It's slowly growing out. I honestly haven't paid attention to how fast my nails are growing. But Nail Envy has made them much stronger! My nails used to bend back ALL THE TIME and it was very painful.

    I got a manicure the other day and the lady recommended O.P.I's Natural Nail Strengthener and some other weird product. The other customer next to me was telling me that she can't live without that product. Unfortunately I did get the name for it but I can ask next time I go.