Natural leather vs. darwin leather

  1. Can someone please explain what the difference is (Oh how I wish I had a shop near me! :crybaby:)

    I see references to the Bayswater in Darwin leather, but on their site they have only Natural leather, or the printed, which I guess is to look like croc. I think I read here somewhere that the darwin leather patinas nicely - I wonder if the natural leather does too??

  2. i just got a bayswater yesterday and its darwin leather, i think thats the nicest :smile:
  3. Darwin leather is a natural, vegetable tanned leather, marks easily and darkens or lightens (depending on the colour) with use or in sunlight. Mulberry is now calling darwin Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather, rather than keeping the name as darwin, I'm not entirely sure why they have changed it, someone else may know the theory behind it. Essentially, what you see on the site as Natural (or on barcodes as Nat Veg Tan) will react in the same way as darwin.
  4. Thanks for the info! :smile:
  5. I was wondering the same thing!!!
  6. spoke to my SA today , apparently the reason they changed it was people were wondering why darwin leather marked/aged and it was a better description to change it to natural tanned leather. Hope this helps.
  7. ^^ Interesting:yes:
  8. Whatever it's called it ages beautfully! All leather ages but with some it just makes them look old and worn out while Mulberry Darwin gets a beautful patina.:graucho: