natural is available in the shoulder bag.

  1. I wonder if the natural will be as popular as the whiskey ?

    What do you think ?

    Cha Cha
  2. I know the color difference isn't huge, but I really prefer Whiskey.
  3. side by side comparison .

  4. I find the whiskey to be a richer, more colorful color! I just love it.
  5. Im really liking the whiskey better.
  6. I agree with everyone... I like whiskey.
  7. It looks almost the same as the whiskey, but i do prefer the whiskey more. The colors are so close, why bother?
  8. When I first saw the natural, I thought it was basically the same, but side by side you really see the difference and I must say I'm drawn to the whiskey more - it just looks richer. I also think it may wear better overall being a slightly darker color.

    Makes me very glad that I snagged one at the outlet this weekend, even though I had no business buying another bag ;)
  9. i like the whiskey color better
  10. I agree with the others. I prefer the whiskey much more. It's just a richer and deeper color. It's much more appealing to me than the natural is.
  11. I like the whiskey better, as well. One good thing about the natural is that it might not show as many scratches.
  12. I like Whiskey better I think. :yes:
  13. LOL, and I love the natural so much more....I HATE the whiskey color!
  14. I definately like the Whiskey better, looks much more rich in color and just a nicer shade. Very pretty.
  15. I like the whiskey. It seems richer to me. I wonder if the whiskey and the natural have a different 'feel', one more soft?