natural hair dye??? hypoallergenic?

Aug 20, 2006
hi! one of my good friends is having a wicked time of finding a hair dye that won't irritate her. it needs to be brown/dark brown. anyone have any suggestions? she is willing to spend whatever and order from whereever. tia!!!


Apr 13, 2006
I am very sensitive to hair dye to the point where my hair started falling out from the dye. I am now using a product called Waterworks that I buy from Sally's. It is a powder that you mix with water and it coats the hair shaft like henna. Pros: leaves hair really glossy, permanent color that does not really fade. Cons: I dont think you can highlight over it and you need to be careful to only touch up the roots as repeated coverage really darkens your hair.


Apr 13, 2008
east coast
I dyed my hair yesterday with coffee. Brew a strong approx 2 cups and soak hair by sections for about 30 mins. Cover and leave on for a few hours (I covered with plastic bags and left on for 2 hours). Wash off with shampoo and condition as usual. I did this on my dyed blond hair and it darkened it by a few shades. I have also tried tea, which worked, but not as well as coffee. Totally natural!

Has she tried henna? That should work to darkened it more than coffee.


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Mar 16, 2010
Here is an amazing article that talks about natural options:

Many woman on our site use coffee as well as henna.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar causes the hair cuticles to close, but it also brings out red tones in your hair- even dark hair. It can be used to help grey hair take color better and it has been alleged to assist grey hair to return to natural color.

2. Green Tea brings out red tones in brown/dark hair.

3. Black Coffee - tones down red tones, deepens brown-red tones, and covers grey.

4. Red Hibiscus Tea enriches red tones in dark hair.

5. Cinnamon (used alone) enhances red tones in hair. Can also tingle scalp.

6. Rosemary, Raspberry leaves, Parsley, Ivy Berries, Catnip, make dark hair more chestnut.

7. Regular Vinegar can give some of the same effects of ACV, but it brings out more blonde in the hair.

8. Ceylon or Black China Tea will add gold highlights when added to some types of henna.

9. Chamomile Tea lightens - lightish hair. Brings out more blonde.

10. Lemon juice lightens hair and brings out blonde highlights. Can be added to some hennas to get blonde colors.

11. Juice from a boiled and peeled white potato adds strong light highlights to dark hair.

12. Marigold petals gives golden highlights to light hair and brings out red and gold highlights in light brown and red hair.

13. Rhubarb root adds honey gold tones to brown hair and if you add lemon, grapefruit, or pineapple you can boost gold/blonde highlights for both blondes and dark hair.

14. Honey lightens all hair and is a natural peroxide booster.

15. Cardamom lightens all hair and is a peroxide booster.

16. Honey combined with cinnamon and cardmon can lighten all hair to a light red or reddish blonde faster (dending on starting color or how much of each you use), but not as fast a commercial color.

17. Sage deepens brown and black hair and covers greys.

18. Tag Elder Bark achieves lighter colors than sage- so it is used to darken dark blonde and cover gray in medium to light brown hair.

19. Walnut Hulls mixed with ground cloves or allspice make a sable brown color. This can also stain anything it comes in contact with.

Aug 20, 2006
wow- thanks everyone! she is about to try henna, but she had some reservations about it. (not sure what). i will forward all this information to her. i really, really appreciate it! thank you!