Natural Grain Leather - does it hold up? (Lily Oxblood)

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  1. Hello everyone,

    Im very new to Mulberry but am contemplating buying a Mulberry Lily in Oxblood - natural grain leather. They recently had the Oxblood Lily on sale, but that was the Natural leather, i liked the look of that one less (i really like the look of the grain in the natural grain leather and also the hardware on the natural grain leather seems more gold).

    Now i read an old post on here about the different kind of leathers and how they hold up. I couldnt really find enough about the natural grain leather. Has anyone on here had a bag in Natural grain leather for a while now? Can you tell me how it looks now?

    I also read some worries about the Oxblood color on here. Were those worries only about the NVT leather or also the Natural Grain Leather? On the Mulberry website it says that the natural grain leather and the natural leather are very similar.

    Im talking about this bag:

    And this one is the one that was one sale, the natural leather one:

    So my questions are:
    - what is the difference between the leathers?
    - how does the natural grain leather last over the years?
    - which one do you prefer? The first picture (natural grain) or second?

    Thank you for your help!
  2. Hi!
    I had a small maple in the "newer" oxblood natural grain leather and I loved that leather! Really beautiful colour and the leather could stand all types of weather and didn't scratch. I used that bag almost daily for 10 months and the leather looked pristine, but had some problem with the hardware so sent it to Mulberry for repairs but they unfortunatley couldn't fix it and the bag was sold out so I got a store credit instead which was really nice.
    The "older" natural leather I find much more delicate (I have it in oak) and I've read that the oxblood colour might transfer colour onto light clothing. There is also a difference in slochiness between them; the newer natural grain is more sturdy and the bag holds it shape better (which I prefer) but some like it when the bag sloaches a bit and goes for the natural leather. However I think that oak colour is more beautiful in natural leather than natural grain leather, but if you want oxblood I would really recommend natural grain.
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  3. This is so helpful, thank you!!! Im getting the Oxblood one then :smile: cant wait!
  4. Let us know if you get it and what you think :smile:
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