Natural GH and Sandstone GH too similar?


Natural w GH and Sandstone w GH too similar?

  1. Keep Natural Brief w GH AND Sandstone Giant Hobo

  2. Sell Natural Brief w GH and Get Sandstone Giant Hobo

  3. Keep Natural Brief with GH....forget the Sandstone Giant Hobo

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  1. So I have a Natural Brief with GH. I love the colour and the leather but am quickly getting sick of the style.

    I also loooooove the Giant Hobo and want one in Sandstone.

    Im really not an earthtone kind of gal, I wear mostly cool colours, black, white, grey, jeans....etc. so I really dont need more than one "neutral" bag.

    What would you guys do: Keep the Natural Brief with GH AND get the Giant Hobo in Sandtone, sell the Natural Brief with GH and Get the Giant Hobo in Sandstone, OR just keep the Natural Brief and forget Sandstone?

    Help please :confused1:
  2. sandstone is gorgeous!! you should get it and keep the natural!
  3. I would get rid of the Brief since you are not loving the style and buy the Hobo which is a classic style.

    I also think the Sandstone is an easier color in terms of future wear and tear.
  4. Definitely get the Sandstone Hobo and sell the Brief since you don't really like the style anymore!
  5. I voted to sell the brief since you are not in love with it anymore. I think sandstone is such a beautiful color. Maybe you should try on the ghobo to see if you love it first so if you don't then you could get a different style.
  6. Here is my new Sandstone City which i love and Kitten's Giant Sandstone City. Sell the Brief and get Sandstone.:yahoo: I love mine and i can't believe that i never even considered getting this color before.:smash:
    IMG_2405%20%282%29.JPG sandstonegh.jpg
  7. I picked option #2. The brief style is a bit limiting in its uses. I think that the GH hobo in sandstone would look absolutely gorgeous!
  8. I picked #2 also. If you're not digging the brief style that much, sell it. The sandstone is outstanding.
  9. I honestly can't tell the difference between the two colors. If you are already sick of the Brief, it will soon be relegated to the back of the closet (or drawer. or shelf). Sell the brief, get what you really want.
  10. Its sooooo hard. Honestly I've used the Natural Brief only twice....and both times got tons of compliments! The colour and leather is TDF, I often stop by my closet just to feel the leather :yes: But honestly, the style is just too big for every day use.

    I've tried on the hobo and I do love it. I guess Natural doesnt come in the Giant Hobo does it?
  11. The natural does come in the giant hobo but I think it sold out everywhere pretty quick. You can still try calling some stores. This is a pretty tough decision since the giant hardware compliments both colors so well. But if you're already getting tired of the brief you should probably sell it and get the hobo. It will probably be more practical and easier to carry. Do you have a pic of your natural brief?:graucho:

    Ooops, just saw your other thread.