Natural Family Planning?

  1. My husband and I are trying are best to do NFP. We currently have 4 small children, oldest is 6 and the youngest is 8 months. Since I'm nursing, I'm not super concerned, but I am weaning soon, so I will have to get on the ball with all the charting, etc.

    If you are doing NFP successfully, can you please share your best tips, advice, resources, etc?

    Thanks so much!!!
  2. Thanks guy! I will get both.

    I have heard some about BabyComp/LadyComp, its big in Canada and Europe. Has anyone used it?
  3. ^ just wanted to say that nursing does not protect you fully - I know several gals that got pregnant while nursing and the doc in the hospital also told me that it is not guaranteed and that women have found themselves pregnant too soon. it may work for you but others should be aware that there are chances you could get pregnant.
  4. I know, but until I stop nursing, its too hard to determine fertility. Without getting too personal, alot of abstinence helps to not get preggers :sad:. Not fabulous for the marriage, but only guaranteed way to not get pregnant with NFP. :sad:
  5. My friends (who are Catholic and don't wish to use pills/condoms etc because of religious reasons) used this book and successfully stayed childless during 7 years of undergrad and grad school. She swears by the book, but one has to be very precise about logging stuff. There's lots of paperwork!
  6. ^ yep I hear ya....
  7. Yup! I haven't tried it, as I don't feel ready to gamble with it and I know it's a lot of work and dedication. We use traditional forms of bc, but it's a really interesting book to have on hand. I plan on using it when we DO want to try conceiving, though that's a long ways away.

  8. ^^^ITA! My sister got preg with her second baby when the first was 7 weeks old!! Obviously, nursing DOES NOT protect you...