Natural everyday makeup

  1. Hi Ladies!

    I normally don't wear makeup but I'm thinking I need to start using it. I think I need a sheer foundation (tinted moisturizer?), mascara, and a nice eyeshadow (to brighten up the eye area?). Is there anything else I need? I'm asian but I have slightly pinkish undertones. Thanks ladies! Any tips on applying or suggestions for makeup would be great!
  2. Start by just grabbing a few classic items!
    You cant go wrong there! If its natural you're after, just buy a few pieces that will compliment and enhance what you've already got, rather then creating what is not there.

    Id start with;
    1. Maybelline Great Lash mascara in Brown/Black (Its a Number One best-seller worldwide!!)

    2. Maybelline Mousse Blush in Peach Satin (so pretty and easy to apply!)

    3. Revlon Diamond Lust eyeshadow in Champage Buzz
    (^^^ This is just what the package looks like. Obviously its not the shimmery beige that is 'Champagne Buzz', which is a very pretty shade!)

    4. Rimmel Recover Foundation (a sheer foundation that has gorgeous luminous particles that brings life to a dull complexion)


    5. You cant go wrong with lipgloss! A personal favourite of mine is Maybelline ShinyLicious Lipgloss in 'Lolly Pink'
    Its very sheer with a hint of pink. Its also available in clear if thats what you'd prefer!


    Hope this has helped! Just make sure you have fun with testing out products! :tup:
  3. ladystara i'm asian with slightly pink undertones as well and these are my two "natural" easy looks

    Look I

    1) mix kiehl's tinted moisturizer in with a little bit of my moisturizer and apply all over face

    2) apply MAC in dazzlelight (pretty much skin-colored for me but just brightens up the area slightly) or Revlon diamondlust in Champagne Buzz (great suggestion april_skye!-this one's a lot sheerer and much more shimmery than the MAC). then i like to apply a tiny bit of pink eyeshadow in the outer corners if i have the time/if i feel like it-in something like MAC sushi flower or whatever shade of pink i have lying around (i have about 50 pinks-literally :angel:)

    3) fill in brows with anastasia brow pencil in brunette (this is a must for me-i have lots of empty spaces)

    4) apply Maybelline define-a-cils (not the best mascara but similar to my fave YSL everlong)

    5) apply a nice gloss like chanel's clear one (my fave-it's got a pink tint to it i think it's called blush) or any other nice sheer gloss you have lying around)

    Look II

    1) draw in eyebrows, then spray SK-II air touch foundation all over face (really lightly)

    2) wait 2 minutes then apply a light dusting of powder all over face to help it set faster

    3) apply nars blush in orgasm lightly for a nice glow

    4) apply YSL everlong to eyes, skip the eyeshadow since the air touch will have evened out anything issues you may have there

    5) apply Chanel lipgloss in Blizzard (sheerly) for a slight bit of color since you nixed the eyeshadow

    hope that helps! :p
  4. Wow I love your suggestions :smile: I'll pick them up over the weekend!
    Are there any good highlighters for eyeshadow/brows that don't have too much shimmer? Thank you!!
  5. i'll pretty much use anything-a lot of the time it ends up being MAC dazzlelight.

    if not, 2 alternatives (both by Benefit) that are easy to use since they come in pencil form are:

  6. MAC and Bobbi Brown have a wide selections and they are all so pretty. You might want to check them out.
  7. You can make your own tinted moisturizer by mixing 1 part foundation and 1 part moisturizer, since tinted moisturizer is essentially moisturizer with tint (:sweatdrop:). That way, you can buy a foundation for heavier use, and mix it for lighter use. :smile: Also, using a foundation brush to apply your liquid foundation is alot easier and cheaper than using a sponge (as the brush will use less liquid than a sponge).

    Mascaras that get a lot of raves are L'Oreal Voluminous and Maybelline Full 'n Soft. They're both great for volume and length (and relatively cheap, too!).

    As for eyeshadow, take a look at Milani or NYX eyeshadows. They're less than $5 each, and are just as pigmented as the higher-end brands. If you're just looking into a neutral eyeshadow, MAC Naked Lunch or Melon pigment are great choices.
  8. I'm a pale Asian with pink undertones and this is my casual daytime look at the moment:
    chanel tinted moisturizer
    shu uemuera cream eyeshadow in Soft Sepia Taupe
    fresh supernova mascara + imju fiberwig mascara (in that order)
    RMK or Awake lipgloss - both in a sheer pink shade
  9. 3. Revlon Diamond Lust eyeshadow in Champage Buzz
    (^^^ This is just what the package looks like. Obviously its not the shimmery beige that is 'Champagne Buzz', which is a very pretty shade!)

    I absolutely :heart: the Revlon Diamond Lust!
  10. always blush. and always lip gloss.

    i gave up on mascara and stuff.. awhile ago. just for special occassions now.
  11. cant go wrong with pink. pink cheeks, pink eye and pink lips.

    Nars Multiple is a good idea
  12. mineral makeup gives u a natural everyday look as well
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    Mineral makeup definitely gives you a natural look, even DH mistakes me for wearing no make up with it on.

    I'm Asian Indo-Chinese and I use Everyday Minerals (shade: Medium Beige Neutral) because it has my exact skin shade I couldn't find in MAC, Chanel, Bare Escentuals, and many other popular brands which either appear too chalky or too olive or too yellowy on me. My skin tone has both yellow and pink undertones, no olive, so it's almost impossible to find a perfect match apart from custom mixing like what Prescriptives does.

    I can't recommend eyeshadows because I like dramatic looks, all my shadows give me that. I guess if you want to brighten eyes and if you're quite fair you can use pastel colors, and finish the look with pink-nude lipstick.
  14. Here is my 3-step makeup, my guy friends always joke about how I wanna look good (hey, who doesn't? guys...:faint:) yet am so lazy!

    I wear, in this order:
    (1) Loreal tinted moisturiser
    (2) Revlon concealer on targeted areas
    (3) 2-way foundation (used dry so the coverage is not too much)
    (4) If i have time, SkinFood blusher and/or light-coloured eye-shadow
    I skip lip colour and eye liner (except when I really feel like it), and I do not own any mascara.:p