natural & darwin - really the same?

  1. Evening ladies :smile: I was just wondering, following on from a previous thread, I know that natural leather is supposed to be the new name for darwin leather, but is it really the same?

    I love :heart::heart: the look of the darwin; how the grain is all different sizes and the colour is slightly different all over. However I saw an east west bayswater and a standard bayswater in the new natural leather today and tbh I didnt like it as much as the old darwin :tdown: The grain looked kind of uniform and the colour rather flat :sad: It was in Fenwicks as well so I would have thought it was the real deal.

    Does anyone have any more information on the subject?

    I was thinking of ordering the chocolate ledbury from the mulberry site soon however I want an old darwin type one and Im not sure I would get it from there now :confused1:

    thanks :tup:
  2. Hi Im no expert at all!! but I have heard that Natural leather has replaced the darwin leather although its very alike its not the same(but very close)

    I think that it is supposed to be lighter as in weight.

    I`m sure some of the other ladies will know more.....
  3. I don't think they seem the same at all. I have come to the conclusion that they are possibly the same leather (hence Mulberry SAs telling us that natural is just the new name for darwin) but have been treated slightly differently. I suspect the natural leather has been stretched a bit more than the darwin as it seems thinner to me.

    But that is just my opinion based on having a good old feel of the leather in John Lewis.

    I would have thought that the Ledburys on the website would be the darwin leather as they are older bags. They disappeared for a while and were added just before Christmas - I thought they might go into the sale but they didn't.
  4. Thanks Tara and Dita for the info :tup:

    I 'tried' a choc ledbury in a shop in Nottm several weeks ago now, which I liked but couldnt afford at the time. I called them yesterday and they still have one which they are putting aside for me until saturday so I can go and have a look. I was trying to ask about the leather (presuming it probably wasnt the exact same one I looked at a while back) - but I dont think the lady quite understood me when I spoke about the new leathers I saw in fenwicks :confused1:

    Anyway, the upshot of all this is that I have the ledbury put aside until saturday and if I like the look of it I will buy it :yahoo::yahoo: Fingers crossed that it is one of the nice ones, Im soooo excited!!! :tup:
  5. Ooh, I'm so excited for you. You've been after the Ledbury for so long - well done for being so patient :angel:

    Be sure to post pics :tup:
  6. Congrats Hula!!! Hope you love it!!!! Post pics !!!
  7. Thanks! Im so excited, just hoping I wont be dissapointed on sat!