Natural city w/GH-any in stores?

  1. Hi all! Balenciaga in NY is out of the natural city w/GH, so of course now I must have one! Before I start calling around, has anybody seen one in stores lately? Thanks in advance! :yes:
  2. NM in short Hills NJ had some natural GH bags, not sure if it was a city or work.
  3. hey, I just ordered the work style from Barneys - not sure about the city.
  4. I believe Nanaz just posted about this and she found one at Barneys in Boston... you might want to find that thread though. Try Barneys.
  5. Thanks, please keep any sightings coming! I have found the work at Barneys, but striking out with the city at Neimans and Barneys so far...
  6. I bought my Natural Work w/GH from Barney's Boston.:yes:
  7. Nanaz got the Work, not the City. I know LVR has them but I'd rather order from AR if they have them.
  8. AR isn't showing natural GH on their pdf, will call them though.
    Just sent an email to LVR to ask them about availability.
    Thanks everybody!
  9. My natural city w/GH is en route from LVR! I am very happy and can't wait for it to arrive! I will say that I am impressed with the customer service at LVR. You can email or skype call them, and they do respond quickly. You have to factor in the time change, though! My SA was very patient and answered all questions. I will let you know when the bag arrives! :love:
  10. Yayyy, i love happy endings. :yahoo: You are going to love this color. I can't get enough of mine.:wlae:
  11. There's a natural parttime w/ GH at Tyson's in NM if anyone is interested. Glad you found your bag!
  12. sammy that is the Blanc color (off White) not Natural. They have two Natural Work with regular hardware (both have awsome leather). :yes: I was there yesterday. NM never bought the Natural color with GH.:smile:
  13. Thanks Nanaz! Can't wait@ :love:

    P.S. If anybody is looking for a natural work w/GH, Barneys in Dallas has a couple. Ask for Greg.
  14. Oh otay, whoops! It was still real cute though! ;) I was there yesterday too! I wonder if we crossed paths, hehe
  15. How funny:p and yes that color w/GH is stunning.:yes: I almost considered it but if i get it dirty i think i will just cry.:nuts: