Natural Chamonix??

  1. Is the Bolide available in Natural Chamonix??? I ADORE this leather and colour, and feel the need, the need for BOLIDE!!!!!!

    Bloody Hell.....shoot me now!!!!
  2.'s only just begun (sung to the tune by the Carpenters)

    K, you'd LOVE the Bolide! It's a GREAT bag. Mine is in Chamonix (black of course) and I use it quite a lot. Holds a ton and can look really casual AND chic too..... Don't know if it's available in Natural though...haven't seen one yet.....
  3. I love your bolide!! I actually thought it was box (they're so similar, though)....Gotta take another look at your pics, now!!!
  4. K, so did I!!!! Thankfully OT clued me in and now alls right with the world. I really hate thinking I've got one thing when I really have something else!
  5. you're as bad as me....I like to know ALL the details!! Isn't chamonix divine!! I ran my hands all over a chamonix chocolate Kelly the other day.......glorious!!
  6. melts in your hands ...not in your mouth?
    (just M&M comercial):lol:
  7.'re in the same mood as me today!!!
  8. Perheps we should start a Xrated hermes thread...named
    ..."touch it and smell it at Hermes!":lol:
  9. Love chamonix. Would love a bag in this leather. Have seen a Constance in natural chamonix with silver palladium and some other H bags...

    Natural chamonix may require as much TLC, maintenance and overall delicate care as say barenia. I think scratches, greasy hand marks, etc may be more apparent than those on box leathers.
  10. Don't know much about chamonix (can sing to the song don't know much about history....okay, I'm losing it here!)....but I do know the bolide is just an awesome bag! Love the different style, zip top - easy access, and size....
  11. Kristie - I love the look of natural chamonix but it does require some care.
    Are you going to give your SA a call?
  12. I love natural chamonix. I wanted to order a Kelly at the podium in July but it was not offered.

    You have to be careful with chamonix in water. According to the store manager, rain could mark the leather.
  13. Thanks La Van!!

    GT - NOOOO!!!! It's dreamtime at the moment......just thinking ahead (in around a million years' time) when I can order another bag......gotta wait for the Birkin, now!!!
  14. Whoah!!!! Kristie! I forgot you've got TWO bags coming now....oiy vey! One Vert Anis Kelly (you've GOTTA keep that one for sure) and one Chocolate BIrkin!!!!!....well you've gotta keep that one too....'ll be raining Hermes at your house pretty soon!!!!