Natural Chamonix - pros and cons

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  1. OK, I have heard it's just awful in the rain, and marks like a son-of -a-*****.....what are your opinions on natural chamonix??
  2. oooohhhhh good question, GF. I've got two Chamonix bags but none are Natural. I'd love to know too because I love Chamonix............
  3. My boutique says the same that NO-NO rain for natural chamonix! I don't care, I love natural chamonix so much. I have a 28cm sellier Kelly on order, but I don't know when it'll arrive. It wasn't offered at the podium so my store had to SO it and they haven't heard yet from Paris whether the natural chamonix will be available.
  4. Don't take it out in the rain...but other than that it's a wonderful leather. Wears very well - little nics and scratches are only visible close-up...will look new to anyone but the owner for years:yes:
  5. is this the leather that darkens with age?
  6. it'll spot to death even after a little bit of raindrops!
  7. I've had several Chamonix bags and love them! A natural Hermes LA bag I had and used didn't have any rain spots on it at all and I live in the UK!!

    I have a Rouge H Chamonix Birkin 30cm with white stitching and got caught in the rain .... nothing, nada, no rain spots at all. I have since polished it with the John Lobb creme and it is completely waterproof - when I got caught out the next time, the light rain just beaded and then disappeared.

    Personally speaking, I have never had any problems at all with any of my Chamonix bags and they gain a wonderful patina over time .... just my experience anyway

  8. ^^ Thanks flossy!

    Now chamonix sounds yummier and yummier!!!
  9. I saw someone's black bag develop spots after being caught in the rain. And my CDC got wet, blistered, and spotted permanently. Seems like it all depends on how much soaking it receives.
  10. Water spots are a problem with natural chamonix. Not so much with darker-colored bags. I have a Tod bag with the same leather as chamonix - spilled water at the bottom and it is FOREVER ruined. To think this happened two days after I bought it!!! :sad:
  11. I have a bag in Chamonix - I thought this was the color - very confusing, as it IS a natural color bordering on pale gold (tan), but I did get caught out with it when a shower just barely started, and the bag has two or three teeny tiny faint water spots on it where you can see the water droplets. It's in the spa for polishing just now, let's hope they can improve it, but I would not hold my breath. Lesson learned! Always keep a rain kit handy!
  12. It's funny actually - I DID get my Natural Chamonix Birkin (as most of you know) and I am in LOVE with it! I actually did a 'water test" on it - seriously put water on the inside of one of the straps....I mean I wet it, and then left it, then wet it again.....and......nada, zilch, nothing. It was fine (and still is). I took her out last Saturday, and accidently splashed a drop of water right on the centre front when I was washing my hands in the powder room...wiped it off as soon as I noticed....same thing - not a mark, not anything.

    Perhaps different batches of chamonix behave differently, but I must also say, I own a natural chamonix agenda cover, too, and did this water test before I bought my Birkin, and the agenda was fine as well. I'm really not sure of all the fuss over getting chamonix wet - it seems to me it would really have to get quite wet for it to even make a small mark?
  13. You may be walking around under a lucky star or have a guardian angel! :biggrin:

    I think you are on to something there with the "batches may behave differently" idea. My chamonix kelly really did not get more than a drop or two of water on her, and the marks are definitely there right in the middle of the bag, no matter what I do, and I had wiped it right off as well. However, she's quite old - either a Z or an A or a D - can't remember, and it's in for polishing right now. What really worries me are the accounts of blistering. If that happened to me, I'd be most likely to have a hear attack!

    Congrats on your new bag, though! It must be beautiful.
  14. GF, I wouldn't worry (yours has proven to be pretty tough) but would not take it out if you know it will rain. Enjoy your beautiful bag!
  15. So glad to hear GF that your gorgeous Birkin passed the water test, I always knew it would :flowers: both my Chamonix Rouge H Birkin and Agenda have passed the water test also with flying colours :yahoo: