Natural-but-a-bit-more eye make-up.

Oct 10, 2008
I'm looking for an eye-makeup look (Mac, NYX, Milani, or Sephora brands) suitable for a special daytime wedding.

I want something natural, but a bit more than matte shadows or one with a simple shimmer (a bit too "flat" for what I'm imagining). I also don't wish for it to be lighter than my lid color -- that bright-eyed retro look isn't what I'm going for.

What I have in mind is a pearly-satiny-metallic finish, like a paint pot plus some pigments (?), but not Rubinesque (too copper) or Bare Study (too light)...maybe a pink/peach champagne-light gold? A champagne with a lot of silver in it? Something with some glam, but still being within a few shades of my skin-tone.

If it helps, I'm an NW15-20 with dark golden brown hair and olive green eyes.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Elegance Is Refusal
Nov 24, 2007
For your green eyes, I do suggest either a peachy or pink tone. They work very well on me, as I too have green eyes.

Looking at MAC, Pigment, Melon sounds like what you're describing "Shade description: Soft bright golden peach (Frost)"

There is also pigment, Copper Sparkle that would most probably work for you.

Samoa Silk (peachy) Honey Lust (pinky)...

Also, don't be afraid to go for deeper shades. You can always neutralize them to best suit the look you're going for.


Apr 16, 2008
This isn't exactly super natural, but how about a light purpley/grey shimmer? Beauty blogger PINK did a look like this and I loved it.