"Natural" Box Calf?

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  1. Is there such a color? Natural?

    just wondering.................:smile:
  2. Good question. I think of the natural leathers as the ones that will absorb oil, water, etc. Box has a somewhat water/ oil repelling finish to it. I think natural vache and chamonix would be closest look to natural box. I like the leathers that have to be imprinted rather than painted with the "Hermes"
    Maybe a leather expert will respond.
    I'll try to remember to check leather book next time I visit H.
  3. D - You mean "natural" color right? Not the leather "vache natural"?

    People in here seemed to be confused about it :P
  4. I think you mean vach natural. I saw a Constance with Pall several months ago in this and it was fabulous! A more natural leather is Barenia which takes on coloring from environmental changes more easily i.e. water stains, oil etc. Passed on the Connie because I knew I would be afraid to use it because of the more delicate leather and color.
  5. Vach Natural in Box Calf, GK??? That would be called "natural" for the color?
  6. ^^It was a form of box calf and natural is the color as I understand it. I guess I'm as confused as the next guy. I know it when I see it:smile:
  7. my herbag is vache natural - it looks quite different to box, although it is very smooth like box. it is extremely thick and heavy.
  8. I have only seen that color in the chamonix...that is the closest to box calf available now (I think:confused1: )
  9. ^^Well, it sounds like we are all confused:confused1: Ava, I thought it had more sheen to it than Chamonix.
  10. we've got to get to the bottom of this!

  11. Absolutley! I mean, what should we be doing with our time except obsessing about these terribly important things? The world is going to ****, but at least we will all be wearing the right bag and will damn well know what kind of leather it is made of!!!:yahoo:
  12. Yeah! God damn it.............

    where's HG when we need her.............................................
  13. ^^^^^I'm right here! I don't think "natural" in box exists, but let me confirm it first.