Natural Beauty

  1. Well I am naturally beautiful but that's not what I am referring to here..:p

    but instead its all about this gorgeous Vache Natural beauty!!!!

    This stunning beauty has really restored my faith in Hermes craftsmanship. The leather is susceptible to water marks, oil stains, scruffs etc. It is a wonder that the craftsman can make this without leaving a single mark on the leather (which is flawless). I love love the rich sable color - it's like rich caramel...I also love the heat stamp instead of the normal silver Hermes made in paris insignia.


    Unlike other birkin, a vache natural birkin does not have the edges of the leather painted/sealed. You can see the layers of leather being sewn together here in this picture. I really think it takes a really skilled craftsman to make a vache natural bag as every flaw however minute will be magnified.


    She doesnt belong to me unfortunately... (i am on a purse ban). A friend got this instead... :yes: :yes:
  2. Wow, gorgeous!
  3. Yes, it makes me wonder how a craftsman can sew a rigide leather from inside out and turn it right side out without causing any creases! Amazing.
  4. love, love, love it -- it's just my kind of bag! though of course it wouldn't be at my house more than 10 minutes before i took hermes saddle oil and a tack sponge to it . . . .
  5. That's what I love about vache natural. It looks a little raw and unfinished and really ages well. Some people see the marks as defects, but I see them as giving the bag charm and character. Each mark has a story to tell. In La Beaute en Voyage you will be able to find a HAC and a garment bag once owned by Humphrey Bogart that are made of this leather. They now belong to the Hermes museum. They leather has patinaed and aged and marked. Every time I see those bags I can't help but think how those marks got there and what adventures this bag has been on to acquire such a grand patina.
  6. I own a belt in the color and leather and I have to agree, it is very durable. I also love the way it looks creamy. Good Luck to your friend
  7. Its gorgeous!! and the color is just yummy!!
  8. so gorgeous! what a classic!
  9. What a nice proof of high craftsmanship!
    Your friend must feel very lucky to own this piece :smile:.
  10. Gorgeous indeed. WOW
  11. :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:
  12. What beautiful leather, does it smell as good as it looks?
  13. It smells leather scent. I think a Vache Natural birkin is an hermes leather connoisseur's (sp?) birkin. There is no distraction of bright color or texture or sheen to hide any inherent imperfections. Like HG said, it's a "raw" birkin and everything about it has to be done perfectly or else would show up very obviously... it's analogous to a woman who looks stunning without makeup?
  14. ^^^Yes, it certainly does!! I have one aswell (got it 3 months ago:p , thanks to our one and only HG :heart: , who tought me to appreciate this leather without worrying about it!) and I've been using it solidly ever since, to get the patina going ASAP!! The smell is still very strong and absolutely devine!!!! I truly recommend it! I'm waiting for DQ to oil mine, I don't have the courage....yet!
  15. I have one of these, too, and that is the perfect description!! :smile: