Natural Barenia or rouge Hermes Clemence pm Picotin?

  1. I can't decide between these two leathers. I want the leather that is the thickest and the heaviest. Different Hermes store leather experts have conflicting opinions. I've seen an ebene barenia picotin recently. The leather seemed very thin. (I wonder if this is the new norm) The natural barenia has not come into the store yet. The picotin in clemence is in rouge Hermes which is hard to find right now. They are holding it for me until tomorrow.
    I love both, but I will pick the one based on the thicker and heavier leather.
    Thank you for all your help in choosing!!!
  2. I think clemence would be the heavier one But dont overlook barenia it is fab and very hard to find !!
  3. Please, anyone else have an opinion?
  4. Man, you already know mine....................BARENIA!!!!!

    They're both going to be heavy. It sounds like you like the color of the clemence better, though.
  5. Although I love barenia, I would not choose barenia for the Picotin. Because the Picotin has no feet and you can expect the base to pick up dirt and what have you. It will look pretty bad if it's in barenia. I would reserve the barenia for other styles of H bags. JMHO :p
  6. I love the color of natural barenia the best. I love hermes rouge in clemence. I just want to pick the thickest and heaviest leather for this particular bag, and I'm concerned the new barenia is thinner than it used to be.
  7. Jenny.......I'd go with the Rouge in Clemence although I don't know if it's the heaviest. Can you tell me why you need the heaviest? I ask because although I personally love Barenia leather, I agree with Mrssparkles on this in that without feet, the bottom of your Picotin will get pretty dirty and that would leave Barenia out of the running for me.

    So. if it were me, it wouldn't be an issue of the heaviest but an issue of which leather would show the wear least.
  8. I'm looking for the thickest leather because I think the picotin looks the best with really thick leather. I've only seen the picotin with feet, so it really comes down to which leather is thicker, barenia or clemence?
    Also, is the new barenia thinner than it used to be? It just seems so to me.
  9. Jenny, it could have been that that particular skin was thinner than usual.
  10. That could be. I've only seen two recent barenia bags, a farming bag in natural barenia and a ebene barenia picotin. They were each on the thin leather side. When I compared them with older barenia bags, there was a difference. Unfortunately I don't have anything in clemence to compare them to.
  11. The Picotin PM and MM do have feet (not sure of the GM) but IMO, both are heavy leathers but the barenia will be more structured as opposed to the clemence. It really just depends on the look you are going for - stuctured or slouchy. I personally prefer my picotins to be "slouchy". As for thickness, barenia, though probably the same weight as clemence, "feels" thicker.
  12. Of course we need to know ASAP what you have decided.

    I LOVE rough h in clemence. It is just such a rich beautiful color that lends such a lucious pop. The picotin seems to be a fun "bag-ish" bag, if you know what I mean, and I think that it would look just splendid in rough h clemence.

    My bolide is very thick and lucious in rough h clemence. :heart: :heart:

    that being said, I love barenia leather!!

    Oh dear, I am useless......
  13. This really should be a new thread: has anyone seen or purchased a new purse in barenia? I'm really curious if anyone else has comments on the thickness of the barenia as compared to purses from earlier years?
    Is it just a coincidence that two recent purses had barenia that was thinner than usual?
  14. If it's weight you want, then Clemence for sure!
  15. Thank you, that is very helpful!