natural adhesion method?


Mar 31, 2020
Hi guys! first time posting on purseforum! Anyone heard about natural adhesion double eyelid surgery? I looked up about double eyelid surgery and I saw this method called natural adhesion method. I saw them at grand, wannabe, marble and mina's website. It claims to have fast recovery and the result also seems natural. Anybody know or have done surgery with this method?


Jun 16, 2020
Natural adhesion is recommended to people who have thinner eyelids! It does look very natural (lower risk of scarring/line showing when you close your eyes) and has a faster healing/deswelling time, which is why it's appealing to a lot of people. However, a lot of people also experience sometimes the surgery getting "undone" or the string getting loose, so some people also end up preferring the incision method even if they qualify for natural adhesion because it has a higher chance of being permanent.
Nov 7, 2019
As what I know, natural adhesion leaves no scar on the surgery area after surgery so the double eyelids appear natural after surgery. If you have thin skin and amount of fat on your eyelid, doctor might recommend incisional DES like I did.