Natura Bisse

  1. Anyone use these products? I tried them on recommendations from beautysnob and I am in LOVE. They are the best. Hadn't heard much about them before, just wondering if anyone had tried them and what their thoughts are on them. I purchased during the NM Beauty Event and received a few free samples. I am buying much of the skin care line. :heart:
  2. I've heard so much abou it..and I always read beautysnob as well! (Hi-5 to coachwife6!) I can't use it yet, cos I'm just too young, and this line isn't suitable for me...YET...

    Which ones did you buy? And any improving of the skin?
  3. Hi vogue. I've seen you on BS as well. The site rocks and those gals are dead-on. I bought the Diamond Ice Mask and the 50 percent glyco peel (sp?) and I purchased during the NM beauty event, so I received samples of the eye contour cream, glyco peel, neck cream and something else. My skin feels fab. I am going to buy the diamond extreme cream next.
  4. I use 90% Natura Bisse now (and 10% La Prairie) and I must say I am hooked on NB as well!!!! My skin has improved, big time.:smile:
  5. ^Can I just ask how much they cost? It sounds very good... The other stuff that BS review are very good...
  6. This line is on my to buy list.... hopefully I will be buying it soon. I hear wonderful things about it
  7. I tried some samples and didn't really see a difference. Maybe I didn't use it long enough? I had the line inhibit and the diamond extreme cream too.
  8. ^Yeah, I don't think you used it long enough. Stuff like that have to be used over a period of be patient!!
  9. I felt a difference right away. I just think Beauty Snob is always right-on. I will get you the photos, descriptions and costs in just a second. Beauty Snob suggested that I use the Glyco Peel, Cream and Diamond mask first off. I haven't purchased the cream yet because of the expense and I am trying to get rid of all the stuff I have already. I am like most of you here when it comes to make-up: I buy and buy and buy. Now, I must use it. BRB.
  10. Pamper your skin with diamonds—a unique, luxurious approach to anti-aging from Natura Bisse. $140

    • Multi-faceted, luxury peel-off mask with an exclusive Ice Lift system.
    • Instantly provides a long-lasting cosmetic "face-lift" with an intense cooling sensation.
    • Immediately tightens and lifts while redefining facial contours.
    • High concentrations of Marine DNA nourish and hydrate throughout the day.
    • Infused with lavender oil to de-stress skin and diminish irritation and discomfort.
    • Rosa mosqueta and wheat germ oils as well as a multi-vitamin complex enhance hydration and prevent moisture loss.
    • Hydrolized soy proteins and an oligo-collagen complex work in synergy to enhance firmness and rebuild dermal fibers.
    • For all skin types.

    I found this difficult to take off but I think it will get better with time. Anyway, you can wash it off with warm water.
    Cryo Mask.jpg
  11. Gently exfoliate dead skin cells and reveal younger-looking skin with these high-tech treatments. $170

    • Renews damaged, dull-looking skin.
    • Diminishes look of fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Stimulates cell renewal.
    • Increases hydration and reveals smoother-looking skin.
    • Both concentrations are appropriate for all skin types.
    • Use as often as twice a week for six weeks; repeat two to four times per year.
    • Visible results in a few weeks.

    I use the 50 percent instead of the 25 percent. This is my favorite product.
    Glyco Peeling.jpg
  12. ^Pretty expensive...but I don't think I need such a strong product at 18... Hehhe. And please DO post pictures!!!
  13. I have used NB products as well as La Prairie, Z. Bigatti, La Mer, Dermalogica, Darphin and everything else in between. Although thy are all good products they did absolutely nothing for me that any other drugstore line couldn't do.
    I am over 50 and have been spending $$ on all these products for 15 years in the hope of getting a nicer complexion and preventing wrinkles.
    I really think the key to good skin is to say OUT of the sun, don't smoke and get lots of sleep. Eating properly and taking additional vitamins and minerals is certainly key and of course drink lots of water. Also taking Silicea is wonderful for hair and nails.
    I think money would be better spend on a decent sunscreen and moisturizer and get monthly facials. JMO
  14. No, you dont need this at 18. Just put on sunscreen and moisturize. You look fab [vogue]. I am NOT posting pictures of my skin. I am trying the skinceuticals next.
  15. ^Hahha! Thanks coachwife! Which skinceuticals stuff you planning to get? Damn, BS always makes me want to go out shopping!!