Natralox anti-wrinkle?


Squishy Leather!
Sep 27, 2006
Cambridge, MA
So I was going thru my usual gossip web pages and came accross an article about Victoria Beckham and an item called Natralox. It's this anti-wrinkle serum stuff that's appaerently an alternative to botox. I decided to google the hell out of it and after about 15 minutes of that I purchased it. It's hard to find a place in America that sells it but I found it. The reviews are pretty amazing. is a link to the site. I read one review by a 65 year old woman who saw amazing and quite noticable results after 30 days. Now I'm only 27 but I have been wanting to find a good anti-wrinkle routine to start as early as possible and I'm hoping this is it! Real expensive but considering the fantastic reviews about it it might be worth it! Just wnated to give you girls the heads up incaser you have the extra cash to spend to try it out. I'll certainly keep an update as soon as I recieve it.

Has anyone tried it? I saw no posts about it when I searched here?


Feb 13, 2007
Hun do you actually have wrinkles? Vitamin A or anti aging might be too much at your age. You might want to get something without the Vit A or only use this a few times a week.

You can have a great anti aging regime by cleansing, exfoliating, protect with SPF and using things that are rich in alpha lipoic acid or alpha hydroxy acids.