1. Did anyone else ever do the Nativity play for Sunday School? What role(s) were you?

    Ever since I could remember I was always an angel. Except for one year, when I was the Head Angel and I got a speaking part! I got to announce Jesus's birth and tell the shephards to not be afraid.
  2. I was an angel in the choir. My little brother was a sheep (made of cotton balls) and my baby brother plaid baby Jesus one year. He started to cry and a cottoned ball sheep went to tend to him- it was my other brother! Cutest thing ever... Nevertheless Baby Jesus had to go sit with Momma Jane and leave Mother Mary and the Nativity scene.. but I did that for many years!
  3. My brother was always the shepherd (with the bathrobe and the towel) and we always used a doll for the Baby Jesus.

    (One year, my mom made my costume out of a blue sheet instead of a white one. Another year, I remember stepping out of the line of angels to touch the Baby Jesus's head.)
  4. I was an angel a few times, a present? (I think we had too many kids and not enough parts that year), and the donkey!!!

    I just did the nativity yesterday with the kids where I work and it was sooo cute! It got me feeling very festive. We had a couple of kids shouting "theres my Dadda" and waving frantically into the audience. There was also a couple who shouted the songs which was sooo hard not to get the giggles at.
  5. What a great question! I wish I could remember that far back....It seems to me I was usually a shepherd or a wise man? I'll have to ask my mother.
  6. My brother was Joseph and he peed in his costume during the play.
  7. I WAS AN ANGEL AND THEN I GOT THE LEAD ROLE AND WAS MARY...aww the a custom made costume and to be a kid and free of worry wat a great life!
  8. i was always an speaking part, which is very good (even then, i had HORRIBLE fear of public speaking).

    and i seem to recall my brother being a wise man and him torturing me on stage...hmph.