NativeNYDesigns' Treasures

  1. At long last, I am posting my growing collection! You'll recognize some, my first LV-denim Baggy GM, Chloe Paddington, Coach Scribble Hobo, green Kate Spade, and my latest and biggest love, my Speedy 35:love: The other bags are all Charlie Lapson.
    pfgroup1.jpg pfgroup2.jpg lapsongroup1.jpg speedyspad.jpg pf3.jpg
  2. Nice collection. You have a great variety of bags.
  3. Great collection....LOVE THE BAGGY GM!!
  4. great collection! the patina on your speedy is beautiful :smile:
  5. thank you! my Speedy was a fabulous ebay find thanks to a fellow Pf'er. I forgot to mention the brown leather fringe bag is from Aqua, who I never heard of and I bought at Bloomingdales for $280.00-if anyone is familiar with this line I'd like to know more about it-that is one of my favorite bags. I have a lot more purses, mainly Maxx NY and The Find; when I dig them out I'll add the pictures.
  6. Thank youy Baggy GM is my first LV ever-I love that bag:love: I am eyeing a matching pair of sandals on eluxury; I think the whole denim line is cool as heck!
  7. great collection you got there..
  8. Wonderful collection!!! Love the denim!!
  9. Fantastic collection! That Kate Spade bag is pretty.
  10. The Kate Spade is one of my all-time favs; it has the coolest stripped lining and I adore green!
  11. Hmmmmmm... the stitching on your gm looks weird, maybe it's the lighting from the closures? Well anyway, I love that coach bag, my daughter has the same one.
  12. Weird how?
  13. Your Paddington makes me want one sooo bad (again). lol...I think I want one in red!!
  14. great collection. i love love love that black paddy!!!
  15. Nice collection, thanks for sharing.