National Kissing Day

  1. July 6th is National Kissing Day!

    I kid you not. How cute! I'm going to brush my teeth - and kiss hubby:yes:

    I hope everyone has a fantastic day today- kissing or otherwise.
  2. I wonder if National Kissing Day correlates with increases in mono ! :graucho:

    (kidding.. ugh, that'd be kind of gross if it did !)

    Happy kissing everyone. :graucho::graucho:
  3. VLAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come visit... or else I can't partake in this NATIONAL day... or I could... just without you... JK!! :graucho:
  4. POO! My hubby is in Portland until Friday :sad: Guess I'll just have to kiss on my boys:heart:
  5. How cute! I'll go kiss my DH right now! :heart:
  6. wow, national kissing day. i guess i am off for a drive to surprise DH at work.

  7. Vlad, you need to go and visit Megs. why are you not there yet:shrugs: ? you can get a plane ticket for a good price. redeem those frequent flyer miles. just PLEASE get there.

  8. lol!!
  9. I'm going to kiss everyone here!! :kiss::kiss::kiss:
  10. YAY!! What a great idea.... Now gotta go find hubby!
  11. You sooo are looking out for me and on my side- I LOVE it!!! :love:
  12. can't wait until boyfriend gets home from work
  13. We need a National Kissing Day in Canada! :crybaby:
  14. okay, happy national kissing day, everyone! :kiss: i'll kiss all of you as long as i don't have to kiss any of my handbags goodbye :lol:
  15. I love that ! National kissing day ... now if there was only a "buy your wife/girlfriend /fiance a new bag day!:graucho: